Family, Career and Community Leaders of America or FCCLA has been around since 1945. The beloved organization has been changing lives and providing opportunities to many, and we can’t help but be inspired by them. From local to international FCCLA projects, they’ve just about done it all and by the looks of it, aren’t slowing down.

If you’re thinking about organizing your service project, then FCCLA is a great place to start. The organization has done so much, and many of their projects are doable in other settings.

Here are some FCCLA project ideas you can take inspiration from for your next venture.

1. Lead2Feed Program

The world needs empowered leaders. That’s why FCCLA continues to hone young minds into becoming the nation’s next generation of leaders to end local and global hunger. Their Lead2Feed program is a free program that has since attracted a million students in 3,500 schools and clubs in all 50 states. Every year, students compete to win over $275,000 in charity grants and $150,000 in technology grants for schools.

Budding leaders in your school can sign up and take the opportunity of molding their lives to become service-oriented. Who knows? You might just be the next Obama. All you need to get started is to sign up on the FCCLA website.

2. National Outreach Project

Another massive project the FCCLA takes on is their National Outreach Project. Here, they collaborate with different organizations through fundraising and collecting items from schools and communities. For example, FCCLA over 6,000 items and to shelters and communities tin San Diego in their very first outreach project back in 1997.

This FCCLA project is one program you can get involved. You can simply get in touch with them through their local offices. Another is that you can organize your very own outreach project with the help of your school’s student council or your local community.

3. National Drugs Fact Week

Despite the decline in illicit drug use, many of today’s youth still fall victim to substance abuse. Furthermore, many are victims of drug-related abuses.

FCCLA has made it their mission to raise awareness about drugs through their National Drugs Fact Week. Here, they inform the youth about the perils and dangers of substance abuse. They organize community events and activities to educate the young people in hopes of preventing abuse altogether.

Take inspiration from this FCCLA project idea by coming up with your drugs fact week at school. You can tap industry leaders and experts to come over for a talk. You can also organize a trip to a local rehabilitation facility to learn from those who have undergone abuse and have suffered the consequences.

4. #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is an initiative the FCCLA came up with in hopes of giving back to more people. This year, they’ve teamed up with No Kid Hungry by empowering people to donate and help feed the hungry.

In your school alone, you can come up with your very own #GivingTuesday by initiating a donation program that will feed the homeless and hungry in your local area.

Let the above FCCLA project ideas inspire you to serve more people starting today. In no time, you’ll be taking on bigger projects and expanding your reach globally.