FCCLA STAR Events give FCCLA chapter members and opportunity to showcase how their involvement in FCCLA has helped them reach out to the community. Members can participate in a wide variety of events and competitions to show how they have used their skills and resources to overcome obstacles and achieve specific goals.

The Yuda Bands project is a popular community service project that dozens of FCCLA members have used as their STAR Event. You can click here to learn more about how the project works.

Each year we are plensantly surprised by the number of FCCLA students we meet at the National Conference who qualified to participate by piggy-backing their STAR Event with the Yuda Bands project. For the past six years at least one of the national FCCLA “gold” finalists incorporated the Yuda bands project into their STAR Event. This article will teach you how to use the Yuda Bands project as your STAR Event.


1. Project Display and Portfolio

This category requires a team to present a display of their project. This is then proceeded by an oral presentation. You would simply run a Yuda Bands project at your school, then create a presentation to show the judges how you made a difference in your school and internationally by providing an educational scholarship by selling Yuda Bands (event info).

Yuda Bands also qualifies for the Project Portfolio sub-category (event info).

2. Early Childhood Education

Students can use Yuda Bands in this FCCLA STAR event category because the project is, by its nature, all about providing education to children in developing countries (event info). Unlike Project Display, you cannot compete in Early Childhood Education as a team.

3. Entrepreneurship

Yuda Bands is unlike other non-profits in the sense that it raises it’s own funds through school sales. When you run a Yuda Bands project you’ll create a business portfolio to help you carry out your advertising and sales. You’ll fine tune your entrepreneurship skills as you create a team and delegate responsibility. This category is available for individuals and for a team (event info).

4. Focus on Children

The project focuses entirely on children. Yuda Bands profits do not go to a myriad of charity foundations. Instead, the money is solely directed to children in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. The money covers their school fees so they can get an education. And we all know, that education is the most effective way to break the poverty cycle.

FCCLA members must present both a display and oral presentation for this category. This, along with the Early Childhood Education category, is a perfect fit for Yuda Bands projects. This is available for both individuals and for a team (event info)

5. Illustrated Talk

This category will require you to make an oral presentation with a visual aid. The presentation has to be about issues that concern the FCCLA.

Yuda Bands is all about providing education for poor children and how this affects the community. It is advisable to focus on these aspects. This category is open to both a team or an individual participant (event info)

6. Leadership

This is a category designated for individual participants. Yuda Bands is a perfect match because it focuses on leadership skills. The FCCLA participant can present how Yuda Bands projects help grow their leadership skills and how it promotes different leadership roles. (event info)

Yuda Bands trains students how to handle sales, manage a team of people, and achieve specific goals in a limited period of time. These details can become a major focus for this event.

7. Life Event Planning

This particular event focuses on showcasing how FCCLA members learn to manage the costs of an event. Yuda Bands is free, so you’ll need to get a little creative. You could keep track of any time that volunteers give to show the “cost” of the project. You may even consider raising money on your own that you can use to market the Yuda Bands to your school or community (event info).

8. National Programs in Action

This category focuses on showcasing how the FCCLA Planning Process aids in launching a national program. Yuda Bands is not just a national charity event – it’s an international one. The students can use the FCCLA Planning Process when running Yuda Bands projects. This qualifies the project for this category in the FCCLA STAR event under the following subcategories:

  • Community Service
  • Power of One
  • Families First

This is available for individuals and teams (event info).

9. Promote and Publicize FCCLA

Not many charity projects can become a platform to promote and publicize the FCCLA. As you promote your Yuda Bands sales, you’ll be demonstrating what FCCLA is all about: helping others and improving your community. You will showcase how FCCLA has encouraged you to help your community and that Yuda Bands was a stepping stone to do so (event info).

10. Teach and Train

This category focuses on how students and FCCLA members create a teaching plan. It focuses on testing how FCCLA members execute their lesson plan. Members who are running a Yuda Bands project can join this category. you have to focus on how you educate other students regarding Yuda Bands and how it helps the community. You can even work with a teacher to prepare a lesson plan using the Yuda Bands teacher curriculum. Keep in mind that this category is only for individual participants but not for a team (event info).

11. Digital Stories for Change

One of the key differences of Yuda Bands from other projects is that there is a story involved. Every time a Yuda Bands projects launch, a student from Guatemala or Zimbabwe gains the funds needed to go to school. Their story can help students sell more bracelets. When you run a Yuda Bands project you’ll be able to do a video call with your sponsored student. Record the call, or ask questions that will help you tell their story. Make a short video explaining how you feel about your student and the injustice of lack of education around the world. They can challenge other students to not only read the story but also help by buying bracelets or helping to sell more bracelets (event info).

Yuda Bands Loves FCCLA

We’ve worked with hundreds of FCCLA chapters and have been a part of State, Cluster, and the National Conference for 10 years. We know you will do great things through FCCLA and would be honored to be a part of your story! Click here to learn more about getting a Yuda Bands project started.