Have you ever asked yourself, “how do I find a service project near me?” If you have, then this post is for you.

Taking part in community service projects has a lot of benefits. Participation leads to a healthier, happier and even richer life. It instills the necessary skills and responsibilities they’ll need as future leaders. The only problem is that it can sometimes be difficult to find which service projects are available in your place.

Consider the following tips if you’re looking into volunteering and starting a community service project:

Look Online Before Anything Else

You can use websites like Volunteer Match, Idealist.org and HandsOn Network. They all focus on finding suitable service projects in your area.

If you have a specific project in mind you might want to check if they have an official website. That site could redirect you to a local office or spokesperson that you can talk to.

It’s also suggested to visit some social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have many posts and groups supporting different causes. You should be wary when doing this because not all causes posted on social media are good. Take the time to do some research about the ones that catch your attention.

Talk to School Officials

Schools are the best places to go when you’re looking for local community service projects to join. They often have a teacher in charge of managing all the service projects that the school allows and manages. If you don’t know who to talk to, you can first head to the dean or principal for directions. They might even suggest some service projects for you.

Many schools even support service projects that aren’t run directly on the campus. They might be supporting Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity or donation drives happening in other parts of the city. The officials can direct you to those areas so you can get involved.

Visit the Local Library

Although you can find a service project at government offices it is best to start at the library. Libraries often have large billboards showcasing the many service projects supported by the municipality. It’s also a good place to research about service projects and organizations you’re curious about.

The library will also keep you updated on which projects are the most relevant. There could be soldiers coming home and you’ll want to focus on a project that helps men and women in the military. There might be a devastating hurricane halfway across the globe. The library will let you know if there’s a donation drive dedicated to helping the people affected.

Go to the Church

While this might not apply to everyone you might want to visit some churches. Many churches get involved with community service. Those are good places to start asking how to get involved. You should ask if there are other requirements though. Some churches only accept donations from people of the same religious denomination.

Your local parishioner is likely to know most of the people in your town. They’ll also know some of the government officials you can talk to about community services.