First Skype Call for the New American School Year

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Today Lindsay Peabody a 14 year old girl from North Carolina [virtually through a Skype call] met Sindel Veraliz Vielman a 15 year old here in Guatemala. This is Yuda Bands’ first Skype call to Guatemala for the 2016-2017 school year.
Before American students like Lindsay run a Yuda Bands project they browse dozens of profiles online and select which international student they want to fundraise for. Sindel, a 10th grader was the lucky student Lindsay chose to sponsor with the money she raises from selling Yuda Bands.
The call was great. We had a good time chatting and sharing great experiences, simply having a good time. Sindel and her dad were so surprised about Lindsay’s age, and they were saying “It´s awesome that she was working in this project, even though she is quite young, she is a good example for us”.
Now Sindel is so excited to learn English for the next call! She says “that will be my new challenge, I really want to understand the whole conversation” and Sindel feels more enthusiastic thanks this call! I am sure that Sindel will work very hard on it.
Thanks Lindsay for encouraging her! Sindel and her dad are so grateful. Good luck with your sales that start today ❤️❤️❤️