Education can often be taken for granted. In most areas in the United States, children have easy access to quality education, whether public or private.

This is not the case in other countries around the world. Because of this, even exemplary members of a Leo Club can forget to appreciate their education.  Fortunately, you can start a fool-proof LEO Club project that can remind the student body to appreciate what they have.

Here are some fool-proof LEO Club Project ideas you can start…

Operating Book Drives

Books are quickly phasing out in first world countries. A lot of students are now reading their lessons on digital devices like tablets and mobile phones.

However, other countries still rely on physical books and supplies are often not enough to accommodate the number of students attending. Even when there are books available many of them are no longer in good condition.

One fool-proof Leo Club project is to operate a book drive. Members of the organization may request other students, neighbors, and friends to donate school textbooks. These books can then be donated to the schools in places where they are needed most.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just books. Other school materials such as notebooks, pencils, and bags will be appreciated as well.

Start a Yuda Bands Project

Yuda Bands is an organization that aims at providing education for poor children in places like Guatemala and Zimbabwe. To start a project, a student must simply choose a child to sponsor and then coordinate online with a Yuda Bands member.

Once this has been completed they will then be given a number of Yuda Bands Bracelets. Profits from these bracelets will be given to the sponsor.

Leo Club leaders who take the initiative for launching these projects may also get to fly internationally and meet the student they sponsored.

This is one of the best ways for a Leo Club student to truly appreciate their education because they’ll see the vast difference between their circumstances.

The Yuda Bands Project does not obligate students to sell all the bracelets they got. Students will only sell what they can. If there are bracelets remaining after the project period, they can be shipped back for free.

Unsold Yuda Band bracelets are shipped elsewhere. Other students will most likely get them and sell in their Yuda Bands Project. Nothing is wasted. Raising funds for the unfortunate students in Zimbabwe and Guatemala continues.

Organizing Ticket-Based Events and Shows

Many students around the world cannot attend school due to financial hurdles. Leo Club members can help battle this obstacle by organizing events and shows to raise funds. These events can be talent shows, concerts or even dance competitions. Fairs like science fairs and art fairs are also great ideas since they can attract a lot of attendees.

Ticket sales can be hard to sell but a fool-proof method of circumventing this issue is to give attendees a good incentive. These can be prizes given via raffle draws and the like, ensuring everyone has a chance to get something.

The money gathered from these events will then be collected by the Leo Club officers. From there they will organize and distribute the gathered funds to the different foundations that center on education for the poor.