It’s easy to neglect the good things we have. From the breakfast prepared for us in the morning to the prestigious school we attend, we tend to overlook how well we’ve got it.

Education is one of the greatest blessings in life. It not only teaches you technical skills. It also teaches you how to live the best life you can, whatever path you take. Part of learning is undertaking various school projects.

Student Council Project

If you are part of the student council, one of your endeavors is to come up with an enriching, fool-proof student council project. This isn’t just mere requirement. It can inspire your fellow students. Moreover, it can also be your stepping stone into discovering what you really want to do in life.

There are tons of student council projects out there. However, one of the most impactful is working with the Yuda Bands Project.

Yuda Bands, a Fool-Proof Student Council Project?

Yuda Bands is a bracelet service project that hopes to eradicate extreme poverty through education. Countless parts of the world are living below the poverty line. For instance, 91% of Guatemala’s population is extremely poor. This is what drives Yuda Bands to make an impactful change that will go on forever.

Through selling bracelets made by local artisans in Guatemala and other parts of the world, children in these poverty-stricken countries have a second chance. It is through partnering with schools that Yuda Bands is able to sell these bracelets and fund the education of people who need it.

Being part of Yuda Bands is a fool-proof student council project that is sure to inspire others to do the same. Not only are you helping poor children through school. You are also improving this world, one student at a time. Moreover, you get to appreciate the value of education even more.

The other day, you could just be worrying about what dress you’re wearing to the dance. Now, you are taking on something much bigger and more meaningful. You have a shot at not only sponsoring a child. You are also about to change his/her life.


How Does it Work?

The best thing about Yuda Bands is it’s 100% free. You’re not going to pay for the bracelets you’re getting. Plus, you’re not paying for any shipping fee to send out these bracelets to you. What’s more, there is no minimum amount of bracelets that you can order.

All it takes is signing up and enlisting your group/school club. Afterwards, you can select which student scholarship you will fund and what your sales date is.

No clue on how to do this? Don’t fret. Yuda Bands provide free video training for first-time Yuda Bands-affiliated groups. You’ll be learning the ins and outs in no time.

Once you sign up, you’ll be receiving the bracelets in about two weeks. From here, you can set aside three weeks for preparation and selling. What’s great is that you can easily send back those bands you weren’t able to sell at no cost.


5 Advantages of Yuda Bands as Your Fool-Proof Student Council Project

Yuda Bands has been helping eradicate extreme poverty since 2008. To be part of something global and this important is unlike any other experience. You will realize quickly how much more you can do for the world—and how much it can teach you in return.


Project at zero cost

There are many advantages to making Yuda Bands your fool-proof student council project. For one, it’s completely free. You don’t have to spend on anything for this project. This will save you the trouble of having to collect funds to make your project happen.


Appreciating what we have

The next benefit of joining Yuda Bands is it lets you appreciate the good life you are living. Sure, the cyclical pop quizzes and early morning rises can be frustrating at times. However, think about those children who would want to be in your position right now.

There are those who wish they can wear their uniforms, bring a back filled with books and all kinds of pens. It’s common for us to forget how lucky we are. That’s why taking part in such a wonderful thing makes us step back and count our blessings.


The gift of travel

Another advantage of making Yuda Bands your student council project is the perks that come with it. There’s more to it than just selling bracelets. Yuda Bands also organizes excursions to Guatemala, Zimbabwe and other parts of the globe.

Here, you have the rare opportunity of seeing first hand how these bands are made, which students whose lives were changed by this project are, and so forth. You can also see what the rest of these countries have to offer. All that and more can easily satisfy your wanderlust and liven up your experience as an educated traveler.


An inspiration to others

When your fellow students see the project you are working on, it sparks curiosity, wonder, and inspiration. It’s incredible how these bracelets can impact the lives of others living halfway across the world. Furthermore, it’s pretty amazing to be part of something as big as this.

When you initiate this project, you are influencing others to do the same. Before you know it, other students and clubs are already signing up for Yuda Bands! Just imagine the chain of goods things that will come from it.


A life-changing experience

The realizations along the way may just be the biggest benefit of this project. It’s easy for us to worry about superficial things. Now that we are part of something that changes lives, our priorities suddenly change. We want to help improve other people’s lives. We want to become more responsible students and individuals. Hopefully, when the time comes, you discover that this is the path you want to take.


Getting Started

It’s easy to make Yuda Bands your student council project. There’s enough information on the website to get oriented. Moreover, there are also inspirational stories of students whose lives were changed because of it—whether they were on the giving or receiving end.

So what are you waiting for?