Organizing a service project for school leads to many benefits. You’re not only helping people in need but also training the students as future leaders. Despite there being so many great service project ideas, not all are applicable for students. You want free and easy service projects to start.

You’ll want something free or at least low-cost since most students still rely on their allowances. You’ll also want a service project that is easy to launch and manage.

If you’re looking for service projects like that, then you’re in the right place…

Here are 10 Free and Easy Service Projects for Your School

Neighborhood Cleaning Project

An efficient yet easy and free service project for school students is cleaning the neighborhood. They can do this today and it won’t cost a thing. Students can pick up whatever cleaning materials are around and go through the neighborhood picking up trash. They can focus on the roads, water deposits like ponds and streams, or people’s backyards.

Recycling Project

Recycling is a service project for school students who want to help the environment. Starting a recycling project will reduce trash in landfills. It also helps save money since students can use the recycled materials instead of buying brand new ones.

Soup Kitchen Volunteering

Feeding the hungry and the homeless is always a good way to help. It’s also one of the easiest and low-cost projects to do. The students only have to go to a soup kitchen and help give out food. Others could help cooking in the kitchen. Others could help by washing the dishes.

Yuda Bands

Selling Yuda Bands bracelets helps students in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. The profits pay for their education and other expenses. The best part is that this service project is free. The organization ships the bracelets and posters for free. The students only have to focus on selling as many as they can to raise funds. Wearing the bracelets also unite the students. It symbolizes their stand on education and helping the community.

Donation Drives

You can start donation drives to help different charity groups. Donations can range from cash to used clothes. You can ask for food donations, medicine, and toys. These donations can help families who suffered from war, floods, and storms.

Performances for Children’s Hospitals

Nobody likes staying at a hospital, especially children. The students can help by visiting the hospital and putting on a show. This can range from talent shows to plays and music shows. Entertaining the children can help relieve them of the troubles they are going through.

Help Habitat for Humanity

Building for the homeless is one of the best ways to help others. Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity is free and they provide all the required materials. The students only have to go to the building site, pick up some tools, and get started building.

Tree-Planting Activities

Saving the environment should be a priority for the youth. The world is changing and their future depends on the stability of the environment. By planting they can help improve what pollution and industrialization are destroying.

Join Extra Life

Extra Life is a free and easy service project for school. Students only need to play games and stream their sessions online. They can play tabletop games or video games. The only rule is to stream their games on a platform like Twitch or YouTube so that they can gather donations from the audience. The money then goes to children’s hospitals.

Make Cards for the Elderly

The elderly, specifically those in retirement homes, are lonely and bereft of attention. You can organize the students to help them by making birthday cards or dedication cards. Reading such cards can warm an elderly person’s heart and remind them that the world hasn’t forgotten them.