Helping the community is always a good thing. Schools and libraries often have the right channels for interested volunteers and donors. Despite these opportunities, some students might not have all the resources they need to help. Even the best charity activities might have a steep fee that students might not afford. It is a good thing then that there are free resources you can use to help others, like the following:

Crowdfunding Options

In today’s world, crowdfunding is now a more accepted option. People don’t look down upon those who resort to crowdfunding anymore. It also generates a strong sense of a tight-knit community when a lot of people volunteer or donate. It’s also a good thing that there are many different crowdfunding options to choose from.

People seeking to aid those with medical needs can turn to sites like GoFundMe. That site also works for those seeking financial aid to launch a big service project. Others have used it to feed the poor and run donation drives. Those seeking to fund for creative projects can turn to sites like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter.

Yuda Bands

Yuda Bands is a unique project because it is free of charge, from beginning to end. It involves selling bracelets to finance the education of poor kids in Zimbabwe and Guatemala.

The Yuda Bands Project also creates jobs for the bracelet makers. This helps relieve the crisis in places like Zimbabwe, where their economy is so poor that they do not have their own currency.

This project runs only for two weeks, which makes it perfect for students on a tight schedule. Yuda Bands sends the posters and bracelets for free, which makes it ideal for students on a budget.

The best part is that they encourage students to meet the person they’re aiding. They get to speak with the sponsored student through Skype. This makes it more personal compared to other community service projects.

Social Media

Social media has grown in the past ten years. It has reached a point where even those living in poor nations might have a Skype account or Facebook.

Other social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, have also exploded in popularity. These platforms allow students to spread awareness regarding their service projects in a quick, free, and efficient manner.

You can reach thousands of people in mere hours with Facebook and Twitter.

There are other social sites like Meetup which work in a different manner. Meetup allows people in a local area find each other. You might not know that there are people also aiming to donate to hurricane victims until you use Meetup. It is a good platform for students looking for those who could help them achieve similar goals.


YouTube is one of the best free resources out there today. There is no doubt that people will pay attention to a thirty-second video more than they would read a two-page document, even when they have the same message. Videos are shorter and more engaging.

The good thing is that YouTube is free. You can create an account rather quickly and anyone can use it to spread an important message. You can use it to let people know about a donation drive you’re launching or you can use it to sell even more Yuda Bands Bracelets.