The Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA primarily focuses on training students for the business world. One thing that all potential business leaders should be aware of is the gap between the entitled and the poor. That gap is very big. According to data gathered by The Hunger Project, 896 million people live on $1.90 or less per day.

Due to the rising rate of poverty, many children can no longer afford attending school. The money their families may have primarily go to other needs such as food and shelter. However, FBLA club members can launch a project that can bridge this gap, aiding the needy to attain a proper education.

The Yuda Bands Project

This project focuses on providing financial aid to the youth in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. This is achieved by selling specially-made Yuda Bands Bracelets. Each bracelet comes in a different design and can be sold for only $7 each.

Funds raised by this project are then given to a sponsored child, enabling him or her to continue pursuing an education. This project will ensure more students will be able to finish school and become successful leaders of their own in the future. Thus, slowly closing the gap between the entitled and the poor.

How It Works

The first step is to coordinate with the organization and then pick a child to sponsor. Getting to know the sponsor is a crucial part of the process. Communicating through Skype is highly recommended. This builds a relationship between the student and the sponsor.

Once this has been done the organization will send a bundle of bracelets that will be sold in two weeks. All of the funds will be directed to the sponsored student. Any and all extra bracelets not sold will be sent back for free.

Leaders who organized the fund-raising event will also have the opportunity to later fly and meet the person they helped. Not only will this allow the FBLA member to see first-hand the gap between the entitled and the poor but also make them appreciate what they have.

Perhaps the best aspect of the Yuda Bands project is that it is 100 percent free to organize and operate. Yuda Bands will give all of the advertising materials and will also handle shipping fees. As mentioned, all unsold bands will be sent back for free. They can then be sent to other organizations conducting their own Yuda Bands projects.

Education and Poverty

There is a very strong connection between poverty and education. Those who are financially troubled cannot afford a good education. Those without education cannot attain better occupations. They remain stuck below the line of poverty. With this cycle going it can be difficult for many financially-troubled students to find success later on in life.

Also, keep in mind that the Yuda Bands project does not just aid students: it also creates jobs. Each project guarantees work for Yuda Bands makers. They make these bracelets by reusing coconut shells and leather.

FBLA members are trained to become businessmen and leaders. One of the best ways to improve the community and find success in their career is to treat the root of the problem. The Yuda Bands project and those similar can help resolve this issue.