Organizing a community service is a great way to give back to your local community. However, you can’t start one alone. You need people to help you. A fantastic way to find people is by joining the Spanish Club. There are many ways you can get your Spanish Club more involved in community service. You can be part of a youth advisory group via the local council. You can promote, like refugee rights, charities and bush fire recovery among other things.

Yes, it’s fun to organize, start, and run a community service. You’ll also feel deep satisfaction and gratitude once people appreciate what you’re doing. But again, you can’t do it alone. If you have problems spurring on your co-members, we got you covered. We listed some tips below on how to motivate them.

Here are some tips on how to get your Spanish Club more involved in community service:

1. Involve Students in Planning

Work with your club’s leaders or governing committee. Let these people understand what you are trying to do, why it matters and what role they can play. Everyone appreciates being included, especially when the decisions directly affect them.

Planning together will also make them students the community service is their project — and that’s very important. If you want a community service to succeed, each member should be “all-in.” No reservations. No turning back. This will likely happen if you include them in planning.

2. Get Social

We live in a technologically social word. Take advantage of that. Use your web page and social media to share videos and pictures of service opportunities.You can also share Spanish Club members’ achievements and post interviews with volunteers.

Inspire Spanish Club members by publishing before and after photos of past community service projects. If organizations send appreciation messages, post them, too — of course, with the organization’s permission.

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, start one. You can also start a YouTube channel to share what is going on with your Spanish Club.

Not only will this motivate past members, but it will also attract like-minded individuals. These people may want to join your Spanish Club because of all the community service projects you do. You’ll hit two birds with one stone.

3. Find the Passionate Members

Ask any lifelong volunteer. They will tell you they don’t volunteer because someone told them to. They volunteer because they feel strongly about a cause and want to do something about it. Find Spanish Club members like that.

There is a possibility your Spanish club doesn’t have a passionate member YET. What you need to do is to continuously motivate them. Tell them about the needs of the community. Share genuine and heartfelt stories about how volunteers have touched people’s lives in more ways than one.

Eventually, you’ll find someone with potential. Better yet, someone will rise up and take the lead.

You need to find members like these because their passion can spread like wildfire. They can infect others with their enthusiasm, drive, and desire to make a difference.

4. Tap Into What Motivates Them

Students are busier now compared to students in the 80s or 90s. However, that’s not really a good excuse to not volunteer. You’ll see hundreds of students with 4.0 GPAs volunteer. They can do it IF they want to.

The real question is this: why do you think students volunteer in the first place?

There are two probable explanations. One is to acquire experience, and another reason is to have fun. Therefore, you need to find opportunities that assist students in developing skills that are unique to their fields. Tell them that it’s a “service learning opportunity.” Make sure you communicate what they will gain.

You should also do your best to make it fun. Don’t make it feel like they’re working. Create a positive culture where people help each other while they help others.

5. The “Free” Motivation

People, especially young people, like free things. Give them t-shirts, for instance, after they finish a certain length of time in service. If you do not have the budget, you may want to get in touch with a local business that appeals to younger demographic.

For instance, a radio station, to sponsor your t-shirts. To ensure that the t-shirts appeal to youth, hold a contest about student t-shirt design and take the winning design as your signature shirt.


Community activities do a lot of good to students’ self-confidence. They enable teenagers to communicate with different people. They are able to deal with challenges. Most importantly, they develop abilities and skills in a supportive environment.

So what are you waiting for? Start a community service project today. If you have trouble, use one of the tips we outline in this post.