Do you know you can give back without spending a dime? There are dozens of things you can do that do not need you to pay any amount of money. All you need is time, energy, and the commitment to serve people who are in need.

Here are 7 ways to give back without spending a penny:

Share a meal with someone who doesn’t have

If you feel you have too much food at home, consider sharing a meal to people in need. Better yet, donate canned goods to charity. Many volunteers in major cities start food drives to feed the homeless. You can also donate or share meals there.


Donate used clothes

Do you know that you can share used clothes with someone who doesn’t have decent attires? Clothes to share include those that you have outgrown and those that you do not need. Unless a cloth is torn or worn out, you should not burn it. You can take a collection to a charity organization instead.


Donate old shoes

If you have outgrown your shoes, or you simply don’t like to wear them anymore, donate them to charity. You can do this in two ways. First, you can sell the shoes cheap and donate the money to charity. Second, you can donate the shoes as they are to a charity organization near you.


Become a volunteer in a charity organization

Many people think that becoming volunteers to charity organizations need money. It does not have to be like that. You can help organizations run its activities without asking for payment in return. This is a good way to give back to the society without spending any money.


Donate old books

If you have old books that you no longer use, don’t just throw them away. The content of those books can help impart knowledge in kids who need learning materials. Ask friends if they would be willing to share their books with children who are in need. Try to get like 20 or 30 friends. With a big number like this, it should be easy to collect enough books to support kids in school.


Help in outreach programs

Assisting in outreach programs is an excellent way to give back to the society. A good way to start is by inviting highly skilled persons to join Yoda Bands. By doing an outreach like this, you not only help a child indirectly, but also you help Yuda Bands move forward.


Tell friends to help

A good way to give back if you do not have money is to ask friends to join you on a mission for a cause. The idea is to create a team that can work together to support charity organizations when they need help. If they have the same interest as you, they will join hand with you. If they are hesitant, you may have to push them a little.