There are a lot of great community service ideas. You can’t start some of them in an instant though. Others need some time and preparations. Despite this problem, there are a few good community services you can start right now, today.

4 Good Community Services You Can Start Right Away:

Cleaning the Neighborhood

Gather some students and volunteer to clean the neighborhood. You don’t need a bunch of legal documents to get it started. You don’t need funding and you don’t need a bunch of equipment. Grab a few students to clean an area and you can log this as your community service activity.

This is one of the best options because you can tie it in with several other service projects. While cleaning you can have the students pick up recyclable junk. They can then use the items for a recycling competition. You can have the students pick up bottles and scrap metal. Students can sell those materials at a junk shop to raise funds for charity.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

When most people think of service work they think of soup kitchens. This is true but the amount of help you can do is like no other. People shouldn’t look down on the act of helping the kitchens feed the homeless, the sick, and the young. You’re making a change by making sure these people don’t go hungry.

Soup kitchen volunteering goes beyond serving food during operating hours. You can help by donating food, volunteering to cook, and delivering food to remote neighborhoods. Any of these can help the community and you can volunteer today.

Yuda Bands Fund-Raising

Yuda Bands only takes two weeks to complete. It’s about selling bracelets to fund education. The children receiving the money are from Zimbabwe and Guatemala. When you sell the bracelets you’re also creating jobs for the craftsmen and women overseas. The best part is that this service project is completely free.

It’s also a project you can start today. All you have to do is visit the official site, pick a child to sponsor and fill up the form. The Yuda Bands organization will then take it from there. They’ll send the bracelets and the marketing materials, like posters and flyers, for free. They’ll also schedule time for you to meet and speak with the person you’re sponsoring through Skype.

Donation Drives for Charity

This one can start with nothing but a box. Grab a box and organize a team to gather donations. The donations can range from non-perishable books to clothes, books, medicine, and toys. If you want to keep it simple you can even ask for cash donations as well. The homeless, the sick, and the poor need all these.

Multiple charity foundations will accept these donations. You can also donate the gathered items to churches and at government offices. All of them will distribute the donations to those who need them the most.

These are only some of the good community services you can start right now, today. All of them are easy and low-cost to launch and operate. All of them lead to big impacts in the lives of many.