Being involved in your school’s student council lets you experience service at an early age. It also promotes school spirit, hones your leadership skills and may be helpful by the time you apply for university.

Part of being a student council member is coming up with project ideas for different campaigns. These projects are often fundraisers to further your cause or simple projects to improve your area.

In need of project ideas? Then look no further. Here are student council project ideas you can use:


1. Community Garden Cleanup

If your student council project focused on bettering your local community, a garden cleanup would be a great option. Go around the neighborhood to assess which public gardens or parks your team will clean up. Coordinate with local authorities to make sure they are aware of everything you’re bound to do.

You can further your project by also redesigning the area. You can repaint it and add new things to make the garden or park look like brand new. Another option for your team to cover more ground is to have volunteers help out. It could be your parents, your neighbors or even the mayor!

2. Teacher Appreciation Week

One of the best student council projects you can come up with is a teacher appreciation week. You can give them a break by filling their shoes as student teachers for the day. You can also plan a program for their entertainment. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to give them letters, flowers or other tokens of appreciation.

Teachers are the unsung heroes of the world. They work day in and day out to make sure that their students learn as much as they can with the little time they have in class. So go ahead and let them feel that their efforts are worth it.

3. Battle of the Bands

One of the most enjoyable ways to get everyone together is showcasing talent. To ensure your Battle of the Bands will be as organized and as fruitful as possible, we highly recommend creating a system for it. Hold and schedule auditions as well as reserve a venue (preferably in your school auditorium) as early as possible. You can also create a program list to ensure everything goes as planned.

Ticket selling is the best means to raise funds for this council project. You can even sell the tickets at the door while providing a tablet, mobile or computer so people can make their online donation right away.

4. Soup Kitchen

There are far too many homeless and hungry people in the world. That’s why soup kitchens remain as one of the most helpful means to extend a helping hand. One way is to join your local area’s initiative. Try and find out what their schedules are and what other food or kitchen items they need. You can also organize your soup kitchen with the help of the school.

Build your team of line cooks, cleaners, servers, and shoppers. Designate a task for each person to keep everything organized. Find a venue for your soup kitchen and come up with a schedule. Don’t forget to include the school and local authorities in the loop.

There are a lot of student council project ideas to help further your cause. We hope our suggestions give you a head start.