Community service goes beyond volunteering for charity foundations. Deciding to help a neighbor can already be a big contribution. It’s the little things that matter.

If you have young children who cannot join school clubs yet then this can be a good way of training them. They’ll experience first-hand the responsibilities they’ll come to appreciate in the future. There are a lot of options you can consider, such as the following:

Taking Out the Trash

You can help a neighbor by volunteering to take out their trash. It might seem like a small thing but getting rid of the garbage leads to a multitude of benefits. Garbage is a primary source of germs and bacteria that cause and spreads diseases. Trash might cause unwanted pests like cockroaches and rats to infest a home. You can do your part by taking the trash out for your neighbor.

Repaint Your Neighbor’s Home

This idea might need some funding but if you can work it out this can be a big help. You can volunteer to repaint your neighbor’s home. This is a very effective means to help a neighbor.

You’re not only making their house look prettier but you’re also safeguarding it from the elements. New paint protects a home from rust, cracks, and holes. It also stops roofs and walls from leaking during heavy rain. This type of help can be engaging and fun if you have kids around to help.

Wash the Neighbor’s Pet

Washing the dog or cat can be a big relief for your neighbor. Pets can be a handful to manage, especially if your neighbors are busy with work or their kids. You can help them out by volunteering to give their pets a bath.

If you’re raising funds for charity you can charge the neighbor a small fee. This adds up as you go from house to house. You’ll soon have a lot of money to donate. If you’re not doing this for charity then you can always volunteer to do this for free and it’ll be a big help.

Give a Random Gift Pack

People love receiving gifts so use that to your advantage. You can pack together some useful items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. Once ready you can deliver that package to your neighbor.

Simple gift packs like these mean a lot to people and it shows you care about the community and the folks you live with. If the neighbor has children you can make a special package that includes toys or school supplies.

Cleaning the Neighbor’s Yard

Another good way to help a neighbor is to clean their yard. You can mow the lawn, rake dried leaves, and sweep the ground. This act makes their home more presentable and neat. Similar to taking out the trash, this also helps stop the spread of diseases and pests. It also frees up space, giving your neighbor more room to plant or put up a garden decoration.

If you have the time you can help out with the next phase. This includes starting a landscaping project or a miniature garden.