Fundraiser to Help Guatemalan Kids

Yuda Band fundraiser to help children in Guatemala. The Service Learning class at Mapleton Junior High is joining a wide-spread fundraiser for children in Guatemala. As one of their many acts of service this school year, Service Learning students will be selling Yuda Bands to help provide educational scholarships to students in South America.

A Yuda Band (taken from the word “ayuda”, which mean “help” in Spanish) is a hand-made, leather bracelet students can wear to show their support for a nation-wide, humanitarian effort.

Yuda Bands will go on sale at MJHS from April 6 through April 10. The bands cost $7 each, but every penny goes to the children in Guatemala, funding scholarships to help them continue their education.

Service Learning students Madison Tormey, Amarae Huffaker, Bailey Chiniquy, Jessica Dedrickson and McKenna Nuzman are thrilled to get the school involved in a movement that is spreading throughout the country. For more information, go to or talk to a member of the Service Learning class at Mapleton Junior High.

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