Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America. It has been facing tumultuous problems. The most affected are its children who are living in extreme poverty. That’s why many organizations cropped up to help Guatemala and its people.

The National Institute of Statistics recently reported the country’s status. They reported that 59.3% of Guatemala lives in extreme poverty. Moreover, the poverty among its indigenous people is at 79%. It has resulted in even grave consequences. particularly in terms of education and health.


The Mayan Families reports that 49% of children in Guatemala are chronically malnourished. It’s even higher at 70% for the indigenous population.

Furthermore, 40% of the country lacks access to clean water and sanitation system. That’s over 3 million people. As for women who are practicing modern birth control, it’s only at 39%. This leaves even more vulnerable to many diseases and complications.


One four out of ten children are projected to finish primary school. On top of that, 25% of the entire population is illiterate. As for the indigenous communities, only 40% are literate.

The country faced unrelenting natural disasters and socio-economic problems. But, Guatemala has remained steadfast. That’s why we continue to extend aid, together with many others, so we can help Guatemala and its people.

How To Help Guatemala: A Shared Mission

The Yuda Bands Project devoted themselves to provide equal education to Guatemalan children. The project firmly believes that education is key to help Guatemala. With education, children can eradicate extreme poverty and break the poverty cycle. They can also support their families, help their local communities, and improve their country overall.

For 7 years, the Yuda Bands Project is still going strong. Schools, students, clubs, and teachers are donating their precious time to this cause. Thanks to these volunteer students, thousands of Guatemalan children graduated high school.

The light continues to shine brightly. There are many other organizations determined to help Guatemala.

Food for the Poor

First in the list is an organization called “Food for the Poor.” It’s is an organization that organizes feeding programs for Guatemalans. They are also building houses and providing emergency aid. They’ve built over 117,000 homes and provided nearly $12-B in aid. You can head to their website to donate any given amount. You can also get in touch with them for volunteering opportunities.


Compassion is one of the most influential children-sponsoring organizations in the world. Those who want to extend their help to the children of Guatemala can sponsor a child.

Those who provide financial support stay in touch with their sponsors. They exchange letters and pictures. By doing this, sponsors know their help goes directly to the child.

There are also many other ways you can work with Compassion apart from sponsorship. They provide leadership programs and church partnerships.

Mayan Families

The indigenous communities of Guatemala need our help as well. They hold the highest rate of illiteracy in the country. Moreover, they need aid to further improve their health. Mayan Families is an organization focused on helping indigenous people. They provide shelter, sponsorship, elderly care, family aid, and more. You can help by donating, volunteering or organizing fundraising programs.

Children International

Another reputable organization is Children International. They offer plenty of ways you can help the children of Guatemala. You can also sponsor a child and meet them to build their community center. Sending a Guatemalan child a gift is another option.

Guatemala needs our help. You can make a difference in someone’s life in your own way. As long as we continue to serve our communities collectively, we are one step closer to ending extreme poverty.