Africa lives in destitution. Out of the 23 poorest countries in the world, 19 are located on the continent. For this reason, many fundraisers and humanitarian efforts go to helping Africa.

World Bank Africa recently reported that poverty has declined in Africa. But, the number of poor people has increased.

Helping Africa: Living in Extreme Poverty

To give you an idea of how distressing the current situation is in Africa, here’s what the nation is facing:

  • 49% of children in sub-Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty.
  • It is home to the world’s poor children (51%)
  • Around 25% of children under the age of 5 are so undernourished, they are too short for their age
  • 589 million sub-Saharan Africans don’t have the basic human needs. They live without electricity and only cook by burning whatever they can find
  • 20% of Africa’s child population is disabled
  • An estimated 50 million orphans live in Africa due to parents dying of HIV/AIDS
  • Finally, 3,000 children die of Malaria each day

These numbers are only the tip of the iceberg. They also have problems with healthcare, sanitation, education, and more, much more.

The world knows these alarming statistics. In fact, it is reported in the UN almost every year. Everyone knows about it. Unfortunately, not many are willing to do something about it.

A Solvable Issue

Despite the upsetting numbers, we remain hopeful that we can change Africa for the better. Many organizations share our sentiment. They have dedicated their lives to ensure that there is a future for Africa.

Below are some of the most popular organizations that are helping Africa right now. Perhaps you may find your calling by taking part in their projects.

1. Child Africa

Child Africa is a well-known organization. They focus on sponsoring children’s education. Aside from sponsorships, you can also donate.

Education gives these children a fighting chance of improving their lives. They can also help their families. Most importantly, if they continue, they’ll help their communities.

2. Foot 2 Afrika

Different people from different nations recognize Africa needs help. But, they can’t volunteer because they don’t know how. If you’re one of them, you can contact

Foot 2 Afrika is a Tanzanian-run organization.

They help Africans by offering foreigners various volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can teach children. You can coach sports like soccer or basketball. You can help develop their community. Lastly, you can build houses.

If you want to help today, get in touch with them.

3. Smile Foundation

The Smile Foundation is a non-governmental organization. They provide corrective surgery and treatments to the children of Africa. Whether you want to volunteer or donate, there are plenty of ways to get involved in their mission.

4. Camfed

Camfed aims to bring more education opportunities to every young girl in Zimbabwe. Gender inequity exists in the African education system. It has led to many problems like violence, abuse and the birth of undernourished children. Camfed raises funds to finally put an end to the crises faced by every African girl or woman.

5. Youth Care Entertainment

The Zambia-based organization focuses on helping the local youth. They want the youth to discover their own self-sustaining source of employment. They also offer their support in a local craft center in the area. If you want to volunteer and take part in the project, you can simply get in touch with them.

6. The Yuda Bands Project

The Yuda Bands Project provides education opportunities to less fortunate students. Our mission is to help children of Zimbabwe graduate school. We do it by selling handmade bracelets.

Throughout the years, many organizations and students helped us. They volunteered, spread awareness, and promoted our cause to different schools.

Every year, we go overseas and visit the students we support. We help the local community, encourage the families and the students. If you want to know more, browse our website or click this link.