One of the projects that stand out when it comes to helping the UN Millennium Goals is the Yuda Bands Project. This project provides education to needy students by exposing them to sponsors. The sponsors sell hand-woven bracelets from the students’ countries for a profit and remit the same to cover their education expenses.

The member of the United Nation Members developed the 8 UN Millennium development goals in 2000.

Below are the goals and a highlight of how Yuda Bands is helping the UN Millennium goals:

  1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Yuda Bands provides direct jobs to people involved in the making of the bracelets. This, in turn, earns them an income which delivers them from the cruel claws of poverty. The money earned also allows people to buy food, therefore, eliminating hunger.

  1. To achieve universal primary education

Education is at the core of the Yuda Bands Project. Participants in this project pick a student whom they sponsor for education. This is a very bold step in achieving this goal. It will also promote access to education among the students that would have otherwise stayed at home.

  1. To promote gender equality and empower women

Yuda Bands provides its services indiscriminately to boys and girls. Just like boys, girls are featured on this project. Therefore, getting them exposed to potential sponsors. With time they get educated, enlightened, informed and transformed through education.

  1. To reduce child mortality

This project operates in very poor countries. These countries face a myriad of problems, including child mortality. Financial empowerment derived from this project helps in acquiring medical assistance during and after pregnancy.

In the short to long term, education will help address this problem adequately. It will provide information on child mortality. Thus, providing long-lasting solutions to the problem.

  1. To improve maternal health

By educating girls, Yuda Bands goes a long way in addressing the maternal health issue. Over time, the educated students will play a crucial role in disseminating valuable information. They will be able to provide their communities timely pregnancy, fertility, and childbearing information that will improve maternal health.

  1. To combat HIV/AIDSmalaria, and other diseases

HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases are directly related to the poverty levels of people. Jobs created by Yuda Bands provide a lot of benefits. Guatemalan artisans that create Yuda Bands can make money that can be used to procure relevant prevention, treatments, and cures.

  1. To ensure environmental sustainability

Bracelets made through this project utilize coconut shells and leather, which are 100% biodegradable raw materials. This is a green industry that does not interfere with the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

  1. To develop a global partnership for development

Sponsors and students form bonds that go beyond education. People involved foster partnerships that will see them collaborate in the future for the purposes of development and betterment of humanity.


If you want to start helping the UN millennium goals, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a project on the Yuda Bands project. On signing up, you give a job to a Yuda Bands maker.
  • You then choose a student to sponsor whom you should video call on Skype.
  • Set up your Yuda Bands Project with the help of an assigned experienced member. You can also train online, download posters, and order t-shirts.
  • Receive your Yuda Bands along with other wonderful stuff you ordered and sell them for $7 each.
  • You send back any leftovers. Yuda Bands will send a pre-paid label to make this process easy for you.
  • Follow up on your friend’s progress and even arrange for a trip to meet them!