Did you ever notice how donating to charity can make people rich? Think about it. People who often donate to charity have two things in common. First, they are always happy. Second, they always earn more money.

Yes, the first one makes sense. There is always happiness in giving. It makes you feel better because you know you’re making a difference. The second is a bit controversial because only a few rich people would ever think about donating to charity. But those who do seemed to never lacked what they need in life.

Now, we should emphasize that giving doesn’t immediately translate to happiness. There is no such thing as “the more you give the more you earn”. Generally speaking, people who give generously always earn more. Here’s why…


How Donating to Charity Can Make You Rich

Reason #1: Giving Makes You Happier

Imagine this: you met a hungry beggar on the streets. And, they ask you to buy them food. In a situation like this, you only have two choices. You can choose to walk out on or buy them some food for cheap.

Whatever action you take will determine how you feel after you leave that person. An article published in The Huffington Post shows that people that give generously and frequently are always happier than those who don’t. In fact, being an ultraistic can make you happier than anything else in this world can.

Reason #2: The Happier You Are the More Productive You Become

A person who gives up what he or she has for the sake of others is always more active at work. In fact, being an ultraistic can make you do a lot of work without even noticing it. Some people may even say that you are working too much. Even your boss may get concerned.

Reason #3: More Productivity Equals More Earning

Because you are more productive in your workplace, you are likely to earn more. The more you earn, the more likely you are to create wealth for yourself and your family.

Seems simple, right? But it really isn’t.

How many people do you know would walk up to a homeless person and feed him? Do you have friends that volunteer at the local homeless shelter? How many of your relatives regularly donate to charity?

Yes, the process seems simple. However, the beginning – the act to help – is not.

As you can see, one act of kindness and selflessness can set you up for a lifetime of happiness.

Now, before you go about and start donating to charity out there, you should first know the following…

The Principles of Donating to Charity

Giving Focuses on an Objective

You should know by now that the objective of giving is to help someone who is worse off than you are. Sometimes you will sacrifice a lot. Sometimes you will donate less. Some people don’t give because they feel they have less. Some people feel too shy to give a little because they think their donation might not be good enough.

The most important thing to remember is this: it doesn’t matter how much you give. It’s the thought that counts. You do not have to be afraid, as long as you are giving from your heart. The little or the more you give will surely make a difference.

Giving is Not Always About Money

Many people think that giving is a luxury. People give because they have too much. It’s an excess of what they have. But, that’s not always the case.

Let’s not get trapped into thinking that donations must always be monetary. Your giving doesn’t always need to be tied to money. You can donate your time, items that you do not use, foodstuff, clothes you have outgrown, and so forth.

You can give your time by volunteering. You can cook for the homeless, help them build their homes, and so much more. Giving isn’t always about money. It’s providing something you have to help someone. Many successful people in the world today are those who invest in the lives of people who didn’t really have anything.

Many successful people in the world today are those who invest in the lives of people who didn’t really have anything. Now, it’s your time to do the same.