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#1- School Dance Entrance Ticket

If you have a casual school dance, or stomp, during your Yuda Bands project, offer free entrance to the dance for anyone wearing a Yuda Band! If you have a formal or semi-casual dance coming up, offer a discount on the ticket for students who are wearing a Yuda Band.

#2- Wear Gobs of Yuda Bands

You and all the members of your team wear a gobs of Yuda Bands on your arms to draw attention to the bracelets as you walk around school and attend class. If someone wants one of the bands, then  you can sell it to them right there! If you’re selling at lunch (which you should do!) Have everyone head to the sales table at the beginning of lunch to unload all the Yuda Bands if needed to have more variety for selling. Then load up your arms again for the afternoon!

#3- Bag of Purpose

Print out several printable profile posters of the student you are sponsoring. Glue or tape them onto paper bags (enough for your sales team). Place a Yuda Bands inside each bag. Pre-arrange with the faculty to visit each of the classrooms and take a few minutes to tell about Yuda Bands. Use the profile of the student on your bag to show who you’re sponsoring. If the teacher allows, give the students a few minutes to see the bracelets and buy one if they’d like. Using the bag keeps the purpose of your project in the forefront, and also keeps a few Yuda Bands handy to show those who are interested.

#4- Sell First Choice Tickets

Hold an assembly at your school and explain all about your upcoming Yuda Bands project and the student you are sponsoring. Then, with the whole student body present, explain that there are dozens and dozens of different Yuda Bands designs and colors, making each one unique. Announce that you will be selling “first choice” tickets today, for $7 (the price of the Yuda Band), and that each ticket has a number on it. The first person to purchase a ticket gets the ticket that has a #1 on it, the second student gets the ticket with a #2 on it, and so on.  When the bracelets come, the tickets determining who gets first crack at picking their favorite Yuda Band! The school who sent us this ideas sold all their bracelets before they even arrived using this clever idea!

#5- Extra Credit from Teachers

Ask for some time at a faculty meeting at your school. Tell the teachers about your project and the student you are sponsoring. Ask for their support in the form of extra credit, a “pass” on a quiz, a “re do” on an assignment, etc, for any student who purchases a Yuda Band. It’s a small incentive that promotes the importance of education by those who are most passionate about it!

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