4 ways Yuda Bands will impact your school

1. Awareness


Each group selling Yuda Bands selects a student to sponsor. Through the Yuda Bands mobile app project leaders can see pictures and watch video bios of international students in need. Then they’ll publicize about the project and student they’ve chosen. By doing a Yuda Bands project, students realize there are people in the world who are far less fortunate than they are. This leads to an increase in gratitude for their own circumstances and a desire to help those who have less. Studies show that both gratitude and volunteering counteract depression.

Video Call

One of the most powerful parts about a Yuda Bands project is actually meeting the student your school is sponsoring through a video call. 

2. School Unity

As part of a Yuda Bands project, student leaders are taught about starting a movement and creating unity in the school. One project leader described the enthusiasm and spirit of service that spread through her school as “the Yuda Bands fire”. Yuda Bands are more than just bracelets. Wearing a Yuda Band means you care. It means you’re part of a movement to lift and help others. It represents the power to make a difference. 

3. Appreciation for education


What do you mean everybody doesn’t get to go to school? With that realization comes an appreciation for your own education. “Have to go to school” becomes “get to go to school”,  A Yuda Bands Project at your school will teach students about the power of education, and the reality that it’s a gift and a privilege, not a chore. When students learn to value their education, attitude and performance improve.

See why we focus on education

4. Leadership Training

We love helping youth gain leadership experience. In fact, as an authority on service and leadership the Yuda Bands team as been presenting at State, national, and international youth leadership conferences since 2009. With the support of a Yuda Bands team member plus our mobile app and website, each Yuda Bands project leader is able fine tune leadership and delegation skills.

It’s our goal to make sure that each and every student leader has a positive experience that will increase their strengths and abilities as future leaders of our nation.

How we help international students develop leadership skills.

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