DECA is one of the best career and technical student organizations in the country since its establishment in 1947. It has been instrumental in shaping student’s futures in marketing, finance, business, and the like. With over 275,00 members, it continues to inspire success and bring about positive change.

Part of DECA’s mission is not only to educate its student members on what it means to be successful in their niche. A major part of it is to introduce its members to the world of service.

DECA chapters throughout the country continuously organize service projects that aid various communities. If you are looking to hold a project in your area…

Here are inspiring DECA project ideas you can use.

Food Drive for the Holidays

Many students couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. However, some dread this time of the year, as it means there is no cafeteria lunch. Far too many students starve and rely on free meals in schools. That’s why one of the best DECA project ideas to take inspiration from is their food drive during the holidays.

Build a team and organize a collection of food donations for your school, church, and community. From here, you can group and package different food items that will be readily picked up by students in need.

Community Clean Up Project

We are often preoccupied. We have our daily tasks and errands. Because of that, we neglect our surroundings. That’s why DECA has also made it their mission to include local community cleanup projects as part of their service activities. You can readily adapt this idea by also organizing your very own neighborhood clean up.

Getting in touch with your local authorities is the first step you must take. Afterward, you can inform your school, church and fellow community members about your plan. Gather as many volunteers as you can and have a proper plan on which areas you want to prioritize.

Raise Awareness

DECA school projects are always as fun as they are engaging. Even when it comes to raising awareness about an issue, members never fail to get creative. One of their recent efforts is called “Rock Out for Pink Out” wherein the chapter worked with Lexington Medical Center. They raised money to provide aid and further research for breast cancer patients. The organizers invited a live band and built stations for various activities like face painting.

You too can raise awareness in your little way by focusing your efforts on one issue and coming up with ideas on how to make your project fun and enriching. For example, one of the most common problems among high school students is depression.

Bracelet Project

YUDA Bands and DECA aren’t complete strangers. We’ve teamed up with the beloved student-led organization for them to organize their DECA bracelet project. Just like its members, you too can take part in your very own bracelet fundraising project.

Whether it’s to create your own or get in touch with us, a bracelet project is an inspiring way to spark hope and provide others with opportunities they equally deserve.