bellacircleIt’s ok, we get it. You open Instagram 50+ times a day, securing it’s position as your favorite iOS or Android app. No judging here… If you’re like most of us, you work hard to share only your “best of the best” pictures and your followers love it!

Guess what! We have a new Insta-awesome idea for you. Share your support of Yuda Bands through your love of photography. We’re sure your followers would appreciate knowing you support an organization strictly dedicated to ending poverty through education. I mean, after all… you are a trendy do-gooder aren’t you?

If you really are the Instagram-er you think you are and your followers can verify this with photo likes, then you could win a $15 gift card. That’s right! Every two weeks our “Yuda Bands Instagram Contest” starts and ends. The winner is selected based on the number of likes your photo received. Now, who doesn’t enjoy an easy $15? I know I sure do! And the best part about it? You’re giving the Yuda Bands organization the exposure it needs to continue sponsoring youth in Guatemala so they can stay in school!

So, enough about the “why”… Here is the “how”

  1. Take a pic of your new, or old Yuda Band (make sure the privacy is set to public)
  2. Tag it with one or all of these hashtags
    • #yudaband
    • #yudabands
    • #wearthemovment
  3. Follow @yudabands

That’s it! Now watch as your followers like your post and get you closer to your gift card. If you win, you’ll be able to decide yourself where you want your gift card to. Are you an iTunes junky? How about a hot drink from Starbucks? The choice will be yours.

Show your support of Yuda Bands, Education, Service, and let’s make a better world together!


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