Interact Club is one of the fastest growing communities for students aged 12 to 18. It stands out from other clubs because it focuses on teaching leadership skills through service. Many middle and high school students get involved with different service projects and create interact club ideas to help the world around them.

If you’re only starting on your road with Interact, you’ll want to take the initiative and launch a project too. If you’re where to start here are some interact club ideas we suggest:

Volunteer to Feed the Poor for the Holidays

Soup kitchens are good places to volunteer for. You could always help out distributing food to the poor. If the front row is already filled then you can still help in the kitchen. You can always help cook and prepare the food. They’ll also need someone washing the dishes and cleaning the tables.

Take this idea one step further. Volunteer for a soup kitchen during the holidays. There are more people coming in during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The influx of people can make it difficult for soup kitchens to keep up with their needs. You can make it easier for them by lending a hand. If needed, you can take food and distribute it to people who live too far away.

Entertainment Shows for Children’s Hospitals

Staying at a hospital is never easy. It’s even harder for young children. They can get lonely, bored, and depressed because they can’t spend time with their friends. You can help them go through these difficult times by putting on an entertainment show for them.

You can do something as simple as a talent show. Gather the students and organize a short show filled with acting, magic tricks, singing, and dancing. You can also focus on only one of these things but make it big with a higher production value. A full two-hour stage play or a music festival can put big smiles on the children’s faces.

Start a Yuda Bands Project

Yuda Bands is a very quick and simple project that any student can launch. The project involves selling bracelets to raise funds for children in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. The money finances their education. You don’t have to spend a dime and it’s only for two weeks. The organization will ship the bracelets and posters free of charge.

One aspect that makes this project different is that you get a chance to meet the student you’re aiding. Yuda Bands encourages Skype conversations to establish a strong bond between the donors and the recipient.

Yuda Bands is a unique project because it helps the community in more ways than one. You’re also spreading awareness to let other people know about the financial problems Guatemalans and Zimbabweans are facing. The best part is that a Yuda Bands project only lasts for two weeks and it is for free.

All the bracelets and posters sent to you are free of charge. This ensures that even middle school students can launch one project at any given time.  If there are unsold bracelets after the project period, you can send them back for free.

Organize a Donation Drive

A very helpful idea to make an impact in the community is a donation drive. You can organize one at any time and it won’t cost any money. You can ask for clothes, medicine, canned food, and books.

If you’re aiding medical charities, you might want to start a blood donation drive. All of these can help out those in need. There are lots of homeless people, victims suffering from war or hurricanes, and patients in hospitals.

Make a Basic Hygiene Bag for People in Shelters

Poor people living in shelters might not have the basic amenities that other people take for granted. This includes soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and underwear. Interact Club members can help them by making a hygiene kit. These kits contain all of the basic necessities. You can even add in shavers, deodorant, and combs. These items not only help them clean themselves but are also important for hygienic grooming.


Start a Walk or Marathon to Spread Awareness

Some people want to help the community but they may not know how or where to start. As Interact Club members you can show them the way. You can let more people be aware of different movements and charity opportunities.

Starting a walk or marathon on the streets will get people’s attention and they’ll instantly recognize what you’re marching for. This might open their eyes and get them motivated to participate and help out.

Play Video Games to Raise Funds for Charity

Did you know you can raise funds for charity by playing video games? Platforms like YouTube Gaming and Twitch allow people to ask for donations while they’re streaming their video game sessions. You can direct those donations to different charity groups.


Interact Club is one of the biggest student clubs in the country. There’s one in nearly every corner. As long as there’s a Rotary Club, there’s Interact. This means there are more opportunities for students to get involved and help the community. The club focuses on training leadership skills through serving others, after all.

If you’re a part of the Interact Club and you want to start helping the community, you should take into consideration the Interact Club Ideas we outlined above.