The Interact Club provides great opportunities for aspiring young leaders aged 12-18. Whatever your passion is, you’re certainly in for a plethora of enriching experiences to hone your skills. To be a member is one thing. To be an Interact Club leader is another. There are certain qualities to being the club leader people look for. Moreover, these traits are what will bring your club together, and accomplish the goals at hand.

Here’s what it takes to be an Interact Club leader:

  1. Motivated

Motivation is a powerful force in leadership. When you are faced with challenges, you must have a steadfast will to keep pushing. This is one of the many qualities of an Interact Club leader. No matter how hard things can get, you need to wake up every day with the goal of knocking down walls as they come.


  1. Team-oriented

Being a leader doesn’t mean you need to shoulder all the tasks. It doesn’t mean that you have to deal with things on your own. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Being an Interact Club leader means you need to be a team player. From delegating tasks to guiding your fellow members to doing tasks efficiently, you must be ready to work with people.


  1. Effective communication skills

Communication is key to leadership and teamwork. That’s why it pays to be understanding, objective and open-minded. You will be dealing with all kinds of personalities and behavior. Moreover, disagreements will occur. When you can communicate well, there will be fewer misunderstandings. Plus, you’re always able to convey what you really mean.


  1. Grace under pressure

It’s not an easy road to take. Being an Interact Club leader means having the responsibility to uphold what it means to be the president of your club. It also means tackling obstacles as they come. When you have grace under pressure, you can certainly remain objective despite struggles. Moreover, you are able to set your feelings aside and take on the tasks at hand with level-headedness.


  1. Humble

Humility is a primary trait of any leader. They do not wear their leadership as a crown. Instead, they feel privileged to be in this position where they can inspire others and lead a prestigious club. Furthermore, they don’t use their power to abuse others and get what they want. A true leader is someone who is able to leave their egos out the door.


  1. Reliable

Responsibilities and tasks will always be thrown at you. This is part of being an Interact Club leader. This means you are expected to accomplish these tasks as they come with due diligence. Reliability is a strong trait. When you are, people can count on you. When they see that you are able to do what is destined of you, people will know that they’ve selected the right one for the job. Moreover, your fellow club members can trust you and will be more than happy to be led by you.

Being an Interact Club leader is a big stepping stone towards greater things. Make this opportunity count and you’ll soon see how many doors will open for you.