Each year, the number of service organizations grows. From local to international projects, more and more are getting involved. They want to make our world a better place. What’s better is that these organizations are endlessly collaborating to expand their reach and touch more lives.

Interact Clubs

Interact clubs are among the most active in the community. People from all walks of life and of all ages have gathered to make an impact locally and internationally. That’s why we’re always happy to work with them.
The beauty of this is you can start your club and organize various interact projects. Whether you’re still in school or working as a professional, spearheading interact ideas can go a long way.

Need a little help to get started? Look no further. Below are pointers on how you can begin with an Interact Club. Plus, we’ll throw in a few interact ideas that can be useful for your next project.

How To Join an Interact Club

Interact clubs are everywhere. Whether it’s in the rotary club or your school, all you need to do is to find one that works with and for your local community.

The great thing about Interact Club Projects is this: young students organize them. If you’re still in school but also want to make a difference in the world, then go ahead and ask for help from your guidance counselor or friends so you can join one in your area.

But what if there isn’t one in my area?

Don’t be disheartened when you find out there are no Interact clubs in your area. The next best thing is to start one. You can get in touch with your Rotary club find a sponsor that will help you. You can also ask help from an adviser from your designated sponsor Rotary club.

If it’s going to be a school-based Interact Club Projects, then you can tap a faculty adviser to help you organize your thoughts and mobilize them. Now, all that you need are members and active ones to promote interact leadership that will make things happen.

What are Interact Club Project ideas I can work on?

There are tons of interact projects your club can organize. Here are some that will help you get started.

Ethnic Awareness Week

Far too many people are ostracized for their ethnicity and race. Help fight the ignorance by organizing your very own Ethnic Awareness Week in school. After all, the best way to straighten out poor beliefs and misconceptions is through education.

Community Service Project

Another idea is to conduct a community service project that will focus on your area. Whether it’s to organize a clean up, tree planting or park renovation, find one project that will benefit your local area and the people who live in it.

Food Drives

Far too many people move about the world in an empty stomach. That’s why we continue to push Interact Club projects centering on feeding the hungry. You can try joining a local soup kitchen or organize your very own food drive by collecting donations.