Interact Club International is one of the most active school clubs in the world. Many members have gone to become successful leaders in their respective community. But they all started by joining different international service projects. These projects instill leadership skills and the right amount of experience to succeed in the real world.

You’ll want service projects applicable for students. This means they have to be affordable, quick, and easy to conduct. There are many different options but here are five that fit the bill quite neatly.

5 Interact Club International Service Projects You Can Try:

Book Donation Drives

Rotary Clubs emphasize the importance of literacy. You can focus on this by organizing a book donation drive. This can go in a number of ways.

You can focus on book donations for kids. Ask only for textbooks which can go to schools in poor neighborhoods. You can ask for fiction books to entice young kids to read.

This type of service project is free and easy to do. All you need are boxes to collect donations and a schedule to follow. You can focus on collecting donations only from other students in the campus or you can branch out and visit different neighborhoods.

Food Distribution Events

You can organize members to help at a soup kitchen. Students can be on the front lines, giving food to the people lining up to eat. Others can be in the kitchen cooking or washing the dishes. You can branch out from the soup kitchen and give food to people in orphanages or people living in the streets. You can organize a food distribution event for people who suffered through a hurricane, house fire, or flood.

Yuda Bands Project

Selling bracelets to raise funds can be a fun project to do. By selling Yuda Bands bracelets you’re funding the education for poor children in Zimbabwe and Guatemala. At the same time, you’re creating jobs for the bracelet makers.

This service project is perfect for Interact Club members because it lets them appreciate the education they have. It’s also free so if you need a low-cost project this one fits the bill.

This project gets on a personal level because you can meet and talk to the person you’re aiding. Yuda Bands lets the sponsors communicate with the ones they’re aiding through Skype. This puts a face to the project and sentimental value.

Neighborhood Cleanup

Cleaning the neighborhood is a big help. You’ll get rid of pollution that causes and spreads diseases. You can find junk that you can sell to raise funds. You can recycle the other junk materials and launch a competition or a gallery. Cleaning the environment is also a quick and affordable service project. This means you can get more people involved.

Literacy Tutoring for Young Kids

Interact Club members can improve youth literacy by visiting and tutoring younger students. They can tutor these children to improve their reading and writing skills. Many young students encounter difficulties with reading. You can also introduce good books for them to read and practice. You can help these children discover a love for reading.