Do you want to involve students in service learning? It’s not that easy. But it will be worth it. Service learning creates individuals with the power to change the world in many ways.

There are a lot of projects that can deliver a big payoff for the students, teachers and the school. It is important to know which best fits your students. That’s why starting out small is the best way to begin service learning in your school.

But the most important element of any service-learning activity is the students. You need to involve them as much as possible. If you don’t know how we’re here to help.

8 Ways to Involve Students in Service Learning

Let the Students Identify a Necessity

Encourage students to interview people in their community. This will help identify the problems and the resources the community has at its disposal. Teachers should give student journal assignments and host classroom discussions. This will help identify the community’s real needs.

Let the Students Use Current Events

Teachers can also let students use local and national events to identify a necessity.  Project ideas develop in a naturally once the students determine the community’s needs.

Let Students Get Involved

After identifying the need, let the students collaborate with the planning process. They can work on the project’s purpose as well as its benefactors. It is easier to involve students in service learning if they know that it is something they helped create.

Let the Students Start Small

Schools without prior service-learning experience can create a two-week project first. They should do this before delving into grander things. One example is the Yuda Bands Project. This program not only lasts only two weeks but helps international students fund their education. At the same time, aid-marginalized families from impoverished countries earn an income.

Let the Students Start Local

Aside from starting small, students can also undertake projects that target the problems found in their vicinity. For example, some service-learning projects task students to collect cans of food for two weeks and donate them to a local food pantry.

Don’t Worry about Academic Standards

Always focus on creating the project with the students first. Do this before identifying the academic skills needed. Integrating standards is the easiest part. You can always use an appropriate standard to match the project objectives.

Use the Project for Learning Skills

The project becomes more interesting if it provides a platform for developing skills. Teachers should try to tie in as many lessons as they can with the projects. This will cultivate various skills such as leadership and social capabilities.

Integrate Service Learning into the School Syllabus

The best way to involve the students is to make it an integral part of the course. Keep in mind that it is important to state this on the syllabus. Schools must provide a clear rationale behind the decision to give a clear idea to students.

Teachers should involve students in service learning activities. It helps build character and also helps improve the community. If you want to start a service learning activity, but don’t know where to start, click the link below.

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