The Rotary Interact Club has been around since 1962. It is a branch of the Rotary Club designed for kids aged 12-16 and enables them to participate in community service. Through these service projects, children can develop leadership skills and get in touch with the international community around them.

There are well over 15,000 clubs active today. If you’re not sure about joining, consider the following reasons:

Learn the Importance of Community Service

Interact Club members get involved with a lot of community service projects. At almost every moment they’re helping out the community in one way or another.

By joining this club you’ll get a chance to do the same. You can help the world and give back to the community in even the smallest ways. You’ll be able to clean the environment, spread awareness for gender equality, help feed the poor, and raise funds for the less fortunate.

Improve Your Resume for College and Work

Participating in community service reflects well on your resume. You might not have even submitted any applications for college but they’ll already send you scholarship offers. When you apply for work, the recruiter will prioritize you more than others.

Helping the community doesn’t only mean you’re empathetic about others. It also means you’ve got leadership skills and you can handle different responsibilities. It means you can work under pressure and other constraints. This looks good and both work and colleges will take that into consideration.

It’s also important to know that many famous people came from both the Interact and Rotary Club. Former US President John F. Kennedy, Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney were all members. Being a member comes with this prestige and it is sure to put a spotlight on you when you apply for work or for a college.

Meet New and Like-Minded Friends

When in high school it can be a difficult task to stay away from bad influences. You can do so by joining Interact Club.

You’ll get a chance to meet like-minded people who strive for excellence and to help the community. You’ll meet people who also aim to become future leaders and do their best in academics and social challenges. It also means you’ll stay away from people who could introduce illegal drugs and other negative elements into your life.

Learn to Value What You Have

Joining Interact and its community services will let you learn to value the things you might take for granted. You’ll see firsthand how other people live in poverty.

There are people around the world without sufficient food, clothing, or homes. Other kids might not have the chance to gain a proper education. Others could be victims of war or a hurricane. By witnessing these things you’ll learn to appreciate what you have and this makes you a better person.

Gain Leadership Skills

By joining a Rotary Interact Club you’ll get the leadership skills you need to succeed. Community service involves handling a team of people so you’ll gain social skills too. You’ll have to face different adversities and challenges. You’ll have to take on responsibilities and learn to be accountable for every mistake.