You’ll find many school clubs doing great work in the community. The Beta Club is one of them. It is an academic honors program with a strong emphasis on community service. Beta Club’s aim is to promote the ideals of character, academic achievement, and character. If you think that’s right up your alley, then you should join Beta Club.

If you’re not convinced Beta Club is for you, well…

Here 9 more reasons why you should join Beta Club:

It Looks Good on Your Resume

Beta Club members have to do a lot to keep their membership. They have to maintain high grades and volunteer for community service. For these reasons, your membership will shine when you apply for a job.

You’ll Meet Good Friends

Middle and high school can be a challenging period in your life. Joining Beta Club will allow you to make the most of that time with people you can call friends. They’ll be good friends too – they’ll be doing their best and so will you. This will help prevent you from sticking with friends who are a bad influence.

Lead a Healthier, Happier and Richer Life

Beta Club members are always participating in community service projects like Yuda Bands. This is important because studies show that people who give and volunteer lead a better life. People who give and volunteer are happier, healthier and wealthier.

Gain Leadership Skills

Leadership through service is a key part of Beta Club. Not only will you be joining service projects but you’ll also go through leadership workshops. This guarantees you’ll have the skills and experience to take on responsibilities and leadership roles in the future. That comes in handy when applying for college or a job.

You Can Express Yourself Freely

One of the greatest aspects of Beta Club is that it allows members to support a multitude of service projects. You can support charity foundations for the LGBT community. You can help out a group that rescues stray pets. Whatever your interests are you can count on Beta Club to stand behind you.

Maintain Good Grades

You’ll have to maintain good grades to qualify for membership. You then have to keep those grades high to keep your membership. This enforces students to strive and do their best in their academics. By keeping your grades up you’ll likely qualify for college scholarships as well.

To Explore the World

Beta Club opens a lot of travel opportunities for its members. You might have to go around the local area for community service projects. Some projects might give you the chance to travel to other countries. You might get invited to exchange student programs. You’ll get the chance to explore more of the world while helping the community.

Get Scholarships for College

Many Beta Club members get scholarship offers even when they haven’t applied for college yet. This is because colleges keep note of successful high school students. Beta Club members are, by default, exemplary students and colleges know this. If you want to get into good colleges then joining Beta Club is a ticket towards that goal.

Find Your Calling in Life

You might discover what you’re passionate about during your time in Beta Club. You’ll discover your passion for helping creative children. You might find a liking to cooking and baking while volunteering at a soup kitchen. Your time performing at a children’s hospital could awaken your passion to be a musician. You’ll discover what you want to be when you grow older through these service projects.