Being in high school opens a lot of career opportunities. This includes joining any of numerous school organizations like a sports team, music club or theater group. However, one of the most life-changing organizations is Key Club International.That’s why you should join your school Key Club.

Key Club was first formed in 1925 and it is still active today. Unlike other school clubs, Key Club focuses primarily on volunteerism and community service. The main goal is to develop leadership skills by serving others and the community.

There are many benefits if join your school Key Club such as the following:

Key Club International Looks Good on Your Resume

When you’re applying for a job your resume becomes the most important document in your possession. The employer won’t know a thing about you except for what is on your resume. Adding experience in the Key Club in your resume automatically improves your chances of getting hired.

Employers will instantly recognize that you’ve already gone through community service and volunteer work. These types of activities are expected of a good employee. It also means you have leadership skills and proper training directly.

You’ll Meet a Lot of New, Kind-Hearted Friends

People often associate Key Club members as kind and giving due to the nature of the organization. This means you are likely to meet a lot of potential new friends. High school can feel boxed-in at times and people tend to stick to certain “click” groups. However, by joining the Key Club you can free yourself of that environment and get together with folks who care about the community they live in.

The Club is a Lot of Fun

If you picture Key Club activities delegated solely to sweeping the street and planting trees then think again. You might have to go out and deliver donated toys to street children, help soup kitchens deliver food to the needy or help tutor kids in primary school. All these activities are never boring and they can be a lot of fun.

A Lot of Famous People Joined Key Club

What do Tom Cruise and Bill Clinton have in common? They were both members of the Key Club when they were in school. Actor Jensen Ackles, radio DJ Howard Stern, actor Brad Pitt and Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger were also Key Club members.

The leadership training helped these people rise to the top. They remain in those positions of power because they spent time in high school communicating, serving and interacting with other people. You don’t get that level of exposure from joining most other clubs.

You’re Helping Other People

Helping other people and the community should already be a compelling reason. If you don’t get anything out of the experience you can always look back and say you went out into the world and helped those in need.

Caring as a way of life is the official motto of the Key Club, after all. Even if you don’t participate much in Key Club activities you will still learn the value of volunteering and serving other people. Those are indispensable skills for any career.