Kelly Eichenlaub is a Spanish teacher at Rolesville Middle School. She graduated with a double major in Spanish and World Language Education…because she LOVES understanding other languages and cultures.

“If you’re bilingual, you’ll have far more thrilling opportunities. It makes traveling more fun and meaningful since you can reach out and talk to locals.” – Kelly Eichenlaub

This is the same passion she wants to pass on to her students. Learning different cultures and languages is beautiful — it also opens you up to a world of opportunities.

One of those opportunities is to help.

Kelly and The Rolesville Middle School Spanish Club has completed different service-learning projects in the past 3 years.

“We always look for meaningful, educational, and fair-trade centered projects to focus on.

I strongly believe projects like this change individuals for the better–opening their eyes and softening their hearts, becoming less greedy and more helpful and appreciative.”

When she saw what the Yuda Bands Project was doing, she knew immediately the Spanish Club had to be a part of it…

Having a face and heartfelt bio made it much more meaningful and magical…

What intrigued Kelly most was the personal aspect of the Yuda Bands Project. Unlike other service projects, they were able to choose the student they wanted to sponsor.

“Having a face and a heartfelt bio to see during the sale made it much more meaningful and magical.”

“I actually chose 2 students to focus on — from Guatemala because of the Spanish aspect, and then students that were the same age as my own students,” Kelly told us.

This may seem like a small choice. But it was a smart move because the Spanish Club members got MORE motivated. It made the project more relatable. They loved hanging posters around the school. Students were proud to show who they were raising scholarship money for.

Every sale had a purpose. Everyone wanted to participate.

The Skype call also made it more meaningful and personal. They were able to talk to their sponsored students…

“I also loved that we could Skype our student during the process. It was so exciting to see the student we were sponsoring on the other side of the screen.”

“The kids showed off the Yuda Bands and talked to her, asked questions in Spanish.”

“The bands were super cool looking with the cutest variety of design for all genders and ages…”

The Rolesville Middle School Spanish Club was very excited to buy and sell the Yuda Bands. That’s why they had early success.

Kelly’s students LOVED helping organize the Yuda Bands Project. The students knew social media would play a huge part. So they took advantage of that…

“Take pretty Instagram photos. :) The bracelets will sell themselves! Have your students reach out to their friends and their community.”

Students would wear bands to class. Each day they personally advertise and remind everyone about the sale. If there’s a chance, they’d also remind the school through general school announcements.

Other students sold at different events, universities, and churches. All of them came back with huge sales.

Here is Kelly’s advice:

“…don’t just sell them during a certain time at school. Get creative and sell them at different locations and events, too.

If you do your sales on a holiday, it’s also a perfect excuse for gift giving. :)

Since I did my sale right before Christmas, everyone was buying them in bulk for their family and friends!”


The two weeks were not all sunshine and rainbows. Towards the end of the sale (the 2nd week) the number of sold bands slowly decreased.

The Spanish Club’s service projects are year-round, which taught them a valuable lesson:

“For my school, it’s year-round, so during the sale, one of our bigger tracks was tracked out–so, unfortunately, they did not get to purchase any.”

Despite the challenges, Kelly and the Spanish Club’s passion sold 400 Yuda Bands after two weeks.

But their TRUE SUCCESS is this:

“We were able to send both of our students to school! With our success in sales and a couple of generous donations, we made it happen!:)”

“I have learned that small actions can make huge impacts”

The students’ curiosity and passion for helping others took over…and it was contagious. It spread throughout the rest of the school.

But it all started with their passionate Spanish teacher, Kelly Eichenlaub. Without her, none of these would have happened. Andrea and Jayron would still be out of school. Rolesville Middle School wouldn’t be aware that students in Guatemala are desperate…and they can help.

If you love learning new cultures, languages, and you’re passionate about helping…

…you should definitely join the Yuda Bands Project.

The project will open you up to a world where you can become a global citizen — create lasting impact in another student’s life and empower others to do the same.

If you love traveling and serving others, send us a message. We visit Guatemala every year as part of our humanitarian work. We check up on our sponsored students, provide training, and encourage them to help others in their community.

Even Kelly Eichenlaub wants to go…

“I would LOVE to take a trip to Guatemala to work hands-on with the Yuda Bands project and see the students face to face. Projects like this are truly my passion. I hope to see you there soon!:)”

If you’re reading this, we hope to see you there soon, too.

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