Archibold holding his school exam results.

Archibold (far right) holding his school exam results.

Archibold Chivaura was one of many bright students held back by a lack of opportunity to go to school.

Yuda Bands began sponsoring students in Zimbabwe back in September of last year which was shortly after Archibold had dropped out of school for unpaid fees. When Zimbabwe country directors Rangarirai and Precious Mukundu heard about Archibold, they approached his family and offered him a Yuda Bands scholarship. The directors immediately paid Archibold’s fees, as school was already in session, and Archibold was able to resume his studies. On his first day back one of Archibold’s teachers called the Mukundu’s to thank them and tell them that “Archibold is an excellent student, kept out of school because of poverty”.

On a recent visit a couple of weeks ago to Zimbabwe, Yuda Band founders Brent and Laurie Whiting, celebrated with Archibold as he shared with them the results of his “O level exams”. These exams test 10th graders on many subjects and if a student doesn’t receive a C grade or higher in at least five subjects, they cannot advance to the next (11th) grade. Archibold received FIVE A’s and FOUR B’s! These incredible grades would likely put him in the top 1-2% of all students in his country. In comparison, last year only ⅓ of all students in Zimbabwe who took the exams scored well enough to pass on to 11th grade.

Imagine the fantastic opportunities Archibold will have in his life now that he is able to challenge himself in school again and become an educated young adult! How sad to think that one of the brightest minds in Zimbabwe had dropped out of school because of a lack of funds to pay fees. But now, thanks to the efforts of students and teachers selling Yuda Bands, Archibold’s future has never looked brighter!