Leadership, Experience, Opportunity—LEO Club is one of the most influential youth leadership organizations today. The foundation amassed over 160,000 members in 40 countries since 1957. Becoming a member opens doors to many opportunities to learn and serve. However, becoming a LEO Club leader is to experience learning to a whole new level.

Successful leadership can be taught and enriched. If you want to be the best LEO Club leader you can be, then we’re here to help.

Curious to know what it takes to be a LEO club leader? Read on.

Demonstrate integrity

A LEO Club leader is upright, honest and possesses unwavering moral values. No matter what task you are given or how many members you are leading, it’s imperative that you never compromise your integrity.

There will be countless challenges along the way. However, maintaining yourself as a trustworthy and sincere leader is what will set you apart. No matter how tough the roads get, members will always stick by you because you are an inspiration to them.


Dedicated to the mission

It will be a tremendous amount of contribution and development on your part. From small projects to global ones, you are expected to remain dedicated to the mission. Once you accept a position of ranking in the club, Leos will look up to you. They expect to see someone who will not just give up and be steadfast when waves are rough.

It’s going to take a lot of getting used to. However, if you already are someone who takes their work seriously and is relentless in finding solutions, then you’re already off to a good start.


Able to communicate with others

As an LEO Club leader, you will encounter all kinds of personalities and behaviors. Mind you, they won’t be all pleasant. That’s why it’s essential for you to be able to communicate with others successfully. No matter if they are under pressure or not working enough, you must know how to adjust.

The key to a successful team is effective communication. Knowing what it takes to be an LEO Club leader means learning how to bridge the gap.


Practices grace under pressure

When members see that their leader cracks under pressure, they’re most likely not going to dedicate themselves fully to that person. They can see that s/he finds it hard to be strong or resilient. Moreover, they can see that this person is not ready to take on the challenge.

It is crucial that you are able to handle pressure. You mustn’t let emotions overpower your ability to make sound decisions. You must learn how to receive things objectively and take a step back to think when needed. Remember, being in LEO Club is a massive stepping-stone to incredible opportunities in the future. If you are able to have grace under pressure now, you will be more prepared for bigger things.


Motivates others

A true LEO Club leader is an inspiration to others. They are able to gain their members’ trust as well as motivate them to see the club as more than just another organization to meet required service hours.

You are in a club that’s made an impact in so many ways. From health care to infrastructure and disaster relief, it’s one organization that changes lives. When you are able to help members see how important their role is, then you’ve inspired them enough to do more.


An exceptional listener

Many think their role as a leader for someone who just tells everyone what to do. This is in reality, the poorest display of influence and authority. A true leader knows how to listen. Furthermore, a true leader accounts for what his/her followers say.

Whether you are planning a new service activity or reviewing a recent project, listen to your teammates. Hear what they have to say because they have done the work. They were in there with you. Let them speak their minds because, most of the time, this yields ideas on how to do things better. This is not to say that you must validate everything and be overpowered by everyone. It’s hearing them out and sifting through which one will work best.


Highly organized

An organization such as the LEO Club calls for system and structure. It needs a certain way of doing things, a certain sense of order to ensure nothing is missed out. A true display of LEO Club leadership is someone who is highly organized.

It can be as simple as turning up to a meeting ready for what needs to be talked about. You can have your notes or your presentation ready ahead of time. Moreover, you can also demonstrate how neat, orderly and disciplined you appear. It is through this that you are also able to influence others to do the same. They will look up to you and would want to be as systematic as you are.


A display of enthusiasm

No one wants to be led by someone who is not happy about their job. Imagine coming into meetings and witnessing a “leader” who is not at all enthused about their designation.

There are tons of exciting opportunities and activities to be had as a LEO Club member, what more as a leader? Show your enthusiasm to the rest of the group. Show them that you can’t wait to get things done and you are happy to be part of something bigger than you.


Delegate responsibilities

There are leaders who choose to do just about everything on their own. They tend to become control freaks and end up working alone. This is not how effective leadership is done. What matters is learning how to delegate.

Members are just as enthused and excited as you are. They want to make a difference as well. So gauge each person’s capability and delegate tasks that they can do well. Don’t set them up for failure by assigning responsibilities that you know they won’t do well.


Be helpful

It’s one thing to tell someone what to do. It’s another to help them get it done. A true LEO Club leader is helpful in numerous ways. They guide their fellow servants and they ensure that they are walking the path together.