My name is Melvin Misael Cun Quixal, I am from Guatemala, I want to tell you about my family. There are eight children in my family. I have never met my father, I was raised by my mother. Because there are so many of us most of my siblings have had to go to live in other places. So living in my house is me, my younger borther, an older sister and my mother. My mother works as a food vendor in our local market but she doesn’t make much. She is not able to provide for our education. In fact, because of our situation she has a hard time providing for our basic necessities. This is why I thank God and I thank you for helping me.

I am in the ninth grade which is the last year before I enter high school. In high school I am going to study auto mechanics because I love cars and how to make them work. When I graduate I want to continue on to college and study medical forensics because I like it medicine and I have a desire to discover more about the human body. I thank Yuda Bands because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be studying, I wouldn’t be making an effort to improve myself.

Thank you.

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