Fairtrade Yuda Bands and Zim Bands create jobs in developing countries. 

Meet Zim Band artisan Miriam Mafurirano

I am married and a mother of two girls. My husband lost his job a year ago and he is the sole breadwinner. Ever since my husband has been looking for another job with no success. We are surviving through buying and selling tomatoes and vegetables on the streets but the income is ,hardly enough for our needs. I find Zim Bands a goldern opportunity for me to give my family a decent life.

Why Yuda Bands expanded to Africa

Africa lives in destitution. Out of the 23 poorest countries in the world, 19 are located on the continent. For this reason, many fundraisers and humanitarian efforts go to helping Africa.

To give you an idea of how distressing the current situation is in Africa, here’s what the continent is facing… read more >