Money Break-down

Showing you exactly where your money goes when you buy a Yuda Band at school.


75% of the money raised through Yuda Bands sales directly supports our mission while the other 25% allows us to offer free participation in the Yuda Bands project. Through the Yuda Bands project we’ve been able to sponsor thousands of years of education. Learn more about the breakdown of the $10 bracelet below:


50% directly supports education

  • Pays school fees for high school students in developing countries

  • Supports the Yuda Bands LEAD program


25% creates jobs in Guatemala

  • Pays fair-trade wages to Yuda Bands artisans who make the bracelets.

  • Covers tools and material costs


25% keeps the project running

  • Shipping to and from your school

  • Promotional materials like posters and raffle prizes

  • Website development/upkeep

  • Marketing and conference fees/travel

  • Employee compensation

  • Yuda Venture scholarships