Kearney High School is no stranger to philanthropy.  However, one project is taking on a more personal role.  The Interact club is beginning their YUDA Band sales on Mon., Jan. 16, and will continue throughout the next two weeks.

The name YUDA is derived from ayuda, the Spanish word for help.  The proceeds from the project go to help underprivileged children in impoverished countries.  While students in America are fortunate enough to get a free education through grade 12, most students in these other countries are only able to go until grade six.  Education after that point is optional and self-funded.

For the average family, putting food on the table is a daily concern, let alone saving over $350 for tuition a year simply unattainable.  The money raised through this fundraiser will sponsor the three students Interact chose to further their education.

Byron Sanchez from Ecuador was the first child chosen.  He is twelve years old and in the seventh grade.  He hopes to go on to be an engineer so he can support his parents and his family.

Also chosen from Ecuador is Edison Bravo.  He is also twelve years old and lives with his mom and two siblings.  His brother suffers from an illness called Hydrocephalus, also known as water in the brain, which has prevented him from walking.  He has also lost his vision, and his mother has a hard time affording professional help for him. Edison’s goal is to graduate from a university as an electrical engineer.

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