Many schools focus too much on their athletic teams. College football has forever become a part of American culture. Not everyone loves sports though. Even those who like sports might not have the training or physique to get into it as often as they’d like. If you’re not into sports you can still become a crucial member of the academic community. One good way to achieve this is to join service clubs.

Service Clubs are a Great Starting Point

You might not know what you’re exactly into. By joining a service club you could discover what your hobbies are. You might not know it now but you could be good at entertaining people through music or theater arts. You could discover the love of cooking and serve food when you volunteer to help out a soup kitchen.

Many famous actors discovered their love for the arts when they joined service clubs. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, for example, were both members of Key Club International. This organization focuses on teaching leadership skills by helping and serving others.

You’re Helping the Community

Sports help the community in more ways than you might know. Profits from ticket sales often go to different charity organizations. Even if you’re not into sports you can still help the community by joining a service club.

Many service clubs believe in teaching leadership through service. This includes clubs like Key Club or Leo Club. It makes sense since you’ll pick up many skills while doing community service projects. Helping to build homes, run donation drives, and feed the hungry aren’t easy tasks. You’ll learn how to manage your time, handle responsibilities, and coordinate teammates.

Get College Scholarship Offers

One of the main reasons students join sports teams is because scouts for college teams might offer them a scholarship deal. They’ll be able to get into college for free as long as they can maintain their grades and play their particular sport. You’re still in luck if you’re not into sports because a service club can give you the same offer.

Colleges aren’t only interested in sports prodigies. They’re bound to offer you a scholarship if they see you’ve been active in community service and have taken leadership roles.

Many service clubs require students to keep good grades. Colleges appreciate this since it means you know how to keep up with your academics. It is why they often give out scholarships to active club members.

You’ll Meet New Friends

You can meet like-minded people when you join service clubs. Athletes meet other athletes when they get into sports teams and you can meet people in your league when you join a club. You might meet other people who have a calling to help the community.

You might meet someone who loves to cook, play music, or write books. All these skills get utilized in service projects and you might meet someone with the same hobby as yours.

The best part is that these people are likely to be a good influence on you instead of a bad one. They’re trying to get the same goals you’re aiming for so they too will avoid joining gangs or do drugs.