There are many different service projects to get involved in. Some are better than others, though. Some don’t benefit the needy as much as people think, like canned food drives. Others go above and beyond what most people would expect from a service project. Here’s a quick look at the only service projects you’ll ever need:

Donating Books to Schools and Children in Need

Books are one of the most highly sought items around the world. There are many children who cannot go to school and even more who are illiterate. Book donation drives can battle this predicament. All the books gathered will find their ways to poor communities and schools. These books will then help children learn to read.

Books aren’t only to improve literacy. School textbooks are also appreciated. Items like math books can be useful for schools lacking teaching materials.

Yuda Bands to Provide Quality Education

Yuda Bands is a very simple but very effective project. Students receive a certain number of Yuda Bands to sell and the profits go to a sponsored child. Conducting the service project is free. The students even get to communicate and meet the person they’re helping.

You’re not only providing education for the needy but creating jobs as well. The artisans use recycled coconut shells and leather to make each Yuda Band.

Feed the Hungry and Shelter the Homeless in Person

Getting students to help in a soup kitchen or a Habitat for Humanity activity are good projects to join. With both service projects, you and your friends will be there, in person, to help the needy.

You also get to let your project members get involved in a more direct manner. Nothing compares to the experience of serving a bowl of food to someone who hasn’t eaten for days. Nothing compares to the joy of helping people build a new house for a homeless family.

Fund-Raising Charity Drives

It’s always a better option to give money than canned food. As a matter of fact, canned goods are some of the worst items to donate. Charity organizations might already have too much canned goods. The surplus might stay stored until they never get used and expire. Raising cash is better. The organization can use the money to buy the necessities wholesale. There might be a lack of milk, medicine, clothes or other types of food. With cash, they can buy these necessities. They won’t be able to do the same thing if all they get are boxes of canned food. Yuda Bands, mentioned earlier, is a key example because you’re raising money. That money could go to sponsoring the child’s tuition fees, buying books or funding the school he or she will go to.

These are the only service projects you’ll ever need. Many other service projects aren’t as effective as one might think. Others still could be scams. Some don’t connect to students on a personal and motivating level. With these service projects, though, you’ll be able to bring the youth together to do some good.