The world economy continues to improve yet there are still people living in poverty. How and why is this so? Millions of people still cannot afford their own house. They can’t even eat three square meals a day. How much more quality education?

If you’re still scratching your head why this is happening…

Here are a few reasons why people are still living in poverty:

No Access to Quality Education

According to a study revealed by the Rochester Business Journal, the lack of access to quality education is the primary reason why people still live in poverty.

Without education, a person cannot get a good job or launch a successful career. This means they cannot earn more than they need. Since they cannot maintain a steady career they won’t be able to provide quality education for their children. The cycle will continue in an endless downward spiral.

Since they cannot maintain a steady career they won’t be able to provide quality education for their children. The cycle will continue in an endless downward spiral.

Even when people can afford an education this is no guarantee that they’ll get a good job. Some companies only hire those who graduated from prestigious universities. Despite this, a person with a diploma has a much higher chance of landing a job than someone who doesn’t.

Lack of Job Opportunities

Not every country has abundances in job opportunities. Some places agriculture is the only means of living. In other places, people depend on selling whatever junk they can salvage. Countries in Southeast Asia are creating more jobs now that company factories are opening in their areas. Not all places are that lucky though. This means there are places where jobs are becoming available but other places get left in the dust.

Other companies don’t even open factories or offices in some countries due to many reasons. These reasons may include high crime rates, poor economy in the area and low population. Companies focus on generating an income. If a specific area doesn’t guarantee a potential profit then they won’t do business there.

State of Calamities

A common reason for poverty that people often forget is that some people live in places constantly struck by calamities. Some people live in war-torn countries such as Syria. Others still live in places prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or flood.

Those places are not fit to provide quality education or good job opportunities. While some people flee these areas others choose to stay. It’s their home and even through adversity, they won’t leave. Others don’t have the means to leave. Because of these problems they are stuck in poverty.

What You Can Do

Community service isn’t limited to working at a soup kitchen or sweeping the streets. You can do so much more to help those living in poverty. You can volunteer to help feeding programs, conduct fund-raising projects or donate goods that go to those places.

Some good projects include Habitat for Humanity, Yuda Bands, and UNICEF. Habitat for Humanity focuses on building homes for those who cannot afford one.

UNICEF is a foundation focused on helping children and they accept donations of all kinds. Clothes, books, toys, and money are all appreciated. Yuda Bands is a special project that centers on selling bracelets.

The project creates jobs for the bracelet makers and the profits finance poor children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. With the money, they can attain their education.