Close to 16 million children live in poverty, and that’s just in America. More than 20 million American kids rely on food stamps and 17 million kids are at a risk for hunger. It’s an unfortunate world. But you and your FCCLA Chapter can help in many different ways.

Before we dive into that, we should understand the root of the problem…

Why Does Poverty Exist?

It’s almost unimaginable to think that there are so many people barely making it alive every day. Poverty has consumed countless countries all over the word and has led to many social, political and cultural disparities.

There is no single reason as to why poverty exists. It’s an accumulation of various factors that have led to our current situation.


  1. Lack of education

One of the biggest reasons why poverty exists is the lack of education. Those who are born into poverty are not able to afford school. When these children grow up, they only know the world that they were born into. The same cycle happens all over again when these children eventually become parents.


  1. Poor government support

The government is expected to provide sufficient support to its people, particularly those who are living below the poverty line. When funds aren’t properly allocated and those who are in need are left out, this further feeds the vicious cycle.


  1. Social and political issues

When countries are at war or facing multiple socio-political issues, people are affected. Everyday routines change, safety and security are threatened, as well as supplies coming to a shortage.

How Your FCCLA Chapter Can Help

The good news is there are many ways we can fight poverty. For one, the FCCLA is an organization that is actively helping alleviate poverty.

In terms of how your FCCLA chapter can help, there’s no shortage of ideas. In fact, here are some of the things your FCCLA chapter can do.

  1. Sponsor children’s education

Sponsoring a child to go to school is an empowering way to fight poverty. You can get connected with other organizations whose main function is this, like Yuda Bands. Moreover, you can also start your own sponsor-a-child movement.

When you have your entire FCCLA chapter doing this, imagine all the children in impoverished countries that you’re giving a second chance to.


  1. Collect school supplies

There are countless children who can’t afford school, let alone their school supplies. Collecting school items for these children is how your FCCLA chapter can help.

You can organize a collection drive in your school gym or church. You can even make an announcement online and offline so the entire community gets in on it.


  1. Raise awareness

Many are still unaware of how bad the problem of poverty really is. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to educate others. The littlest efforts such as inviting a speaker or giving away flyers can make a big difference.

When more people are in touch with today’s reality, more will be compelled to make a positive change.


  1. Organize your own outreach program

Outreach programs give you a front-row seat on what’s really happening out there. It gives you the chance to help others, hear their stories and discover more ways to improve the lives of others.

Whether it’s in within your area or in an impoverished country, organize your own outreach program. Raise necessary funds, collect donations and have a structure on what you want to accomplish.


  1. Feed the hungry

Soup kitchens and food drives continue to be a great way to ease other people’s hardship. Take it a step further by organizing these food drives more often.

Don’t just do it during the holidays. Set schedules to make it more often, and for it to reach the different necessary areas in your community