Steps to Start a Project

Don’t be intimidated by this step! It isn’t as hard as you might think. We recommend you use the following ideas.

  • Find teacher and club to sponsor (help with) your project
  • Help your teacher submit any required paperwork to the admin to run your project
    • The form is sometimes called a project or fundraiser request form which would included dates for your sales and a description of your project. You might need some of this info:

Please contact us directly at if you need more help or info.

It’s free and easy to use. We think you’ll love having the power to change lives in the palm of your hand. The mobile app will prompt you to complete the steps to start a project, give you access to official Yuda Bands media, and walk you through the setup, sales, and finalization portions of your project.

Things to keep in mind

  • Projects can be started by a teacher, or a student with a teacher sponsoring their project
  • You’ll sell the bands for two weeks
  • You’ll use the mobile app to set up and run your project
  • You’ll sell the bands for $7 each
  • There is no cost to your club/council or school
  • You’ll only send payment for what you sell, unsold bands are returned for free

Android App coming soon.

Anyone who has worked with Yuda Bands will tell you that we try to go above and beyond to support you and your project. After all, the more bands we can help you sell the more money we raise together to support the students in our program. That’s why you’ll have the full support of the mobile app AND an experienced project manager.

Once you submit your info on the mobile app a project manager will send you a text to confirm your details and answer any questions you might have. We want to give you the freedom to run your own project knowing that help from your project manager is just a text away.

When your project has been approved by your project manager you’ll be able to select a student to sponsor and order bands (you can order 200, 300, or 400 bands to start). Selecting a student is one of the most unique and exciting parts of Yuda Bands. You decide EXACTLY who will benefit from your efforts.

Make sure you watch the video about selecting a student so you understand the way it works. If you’ve missed it on the app you can check it out here >

You have free creative reign when developing a plan to advertise and sell your bands. Think…

Where will you sell? When will you sell? Who will sell? 

Our experience shows that selling in the same high traffic location at school during lunch periods will most likely give you the best results. Some schools have success checking bands out and encouraging club members to sell to family and friends at home.

Keep in mind that the more people involved the better your sales will be! Break up into teams to spread the work load. Details of suggested teams will be included in the instruction booklet you’ll receive with your bands and posters.

We have a whole page dedicated to ideas and tutorials (also on the app)  here >

No other project gives you the ability to connect with the person you are serving quite like the Yuda Bands project. We are sure you will be touched as you virtually meet your student and tell them about your efforts to send them to school. You may even get teary eyed as you hear their life story which will start to get a glimpse of what life is like for them.

This is not a long project. But it does leave a lasting impact.

  • One week of advertising
  • Two weeks of sales
  • One week to wrap things up

Two weeks of sales gives everyone a chance to purchase a band without making the student body sick of your announcements and reminders to come buy bands. After 10+ years of selling Yuda Bands in schools there have been very few times that people have sold a significant amount of bands beyond the first two weeks.

When you’re done with sales just follow the prompts on the app to report your final sales numbers. When you do this it’ll notify your project manager who will email you a pre-paid return shipping label to return any leftover bands. Your manager will also send you an invoice ONLY for the bands you aren’t returning. It’s as simple as that! You can watch this video (also on the app) to learn more>

We are so grateful for all of our project managers. You’re joining a growing movement that has funded nearly 3,000 years of schooling for students your age around the world.

Having participated in the Yuda Bands project you are now a great candidate for a Yuda Bands service trip. These trips are a combination of service and adventure and guaranteed to be an amazing experience. You’ll meet your student in person and visit them in their home. You’ll even serve side by side them in community service projects and even teach them in a leadership conference. Trip details can be found here>

Steps to Start a Project