Being part of the esteemed FCCLA provides so many opportunities for you to become a promising leader. From its exclusive programs to service projects, it’s an organization that aims to breed better individuals for a better future.

Whether you are aiming to help the homeless or start a soup kitchen for the hungry, your FCCLA service project may require funds. There are so many ways you can raise the money to realize your project.

If it’s the first time you’re raising money for your FCCLA service project, then don’t fret. Below are easy steps for you to follow as well as tips to remember.

Start small

At FCCLA, members are encouraged to start small. This way, they can accurately identify the needs of their project, tackle challenges and not be overwhelmed by everything. Once you get used to a small service project, you can confidently work your way up and organize bigger programs.

<h2?Be inspired

There are plenty of FCCLA chapters you can model after. Ask around and consult with advisers, so you have a better idea of what you want to do. From here, you can list down ideas and begin to formulate your very own FCCLA service project.

Build a team

Seeking money for your project will take a lot of work. In fact, your project itself will require a lot of time and effort as well. Building a team will help you cover more ground and receive better support from various channels. Plus, working with your fellow servant leaders will teach you the value of teamwork and communication.

Set a budget

As with every service project, you will need to evaluate just how much you will need for yours. Setting a target budget is ideal. Make a breakdown of everything you need to buy. Make sure you include expenses for travel, transportation, meeting registrations, as well as other project costs.

Build loyalty

For people to want to help you with your project, you must build loyalty. Give them reasons why your project is important and deserving. That’s why you need to know how effective publicity works. From social media to local press, get the word out. Make sure it reaches people and develop interest.

Be creative

There are so many ways you can raise funds for your service project. Below are some of the most fun and engaging means to get everyone onboard.

Fundraising ideas for your FCCLA Service Project

  • Battle of the Bands – gather the most talented musicians in your school and organize your very own concert. You can raise money by charging tickets or letting the audience give money to the bands they love the most.
  • Fun Run – another fundraising favorite is a fun run wherein everyone can register for a fee, which you can then use to fund your project.
  • Karaoke – this popular activity among friends is something you can turn as a fundraiser. It’s as simple as pay-per-tune.
  • Mini Olympics – this pay-to-play fundraiser will not only be fun. It will also bring out the best of every athlete’s ability and teach the value of healthy competition.