I love how this project makes you feel like you are actually making a difference in the world since you get to Skype the student you are sponsoring. I also love how it creates jobs for people in Guatemala as well.

Audrey S.
Santa Susana High School

At first I was doubtful about whether a YUDA Bands project would go well at my school; however, once the bracelets arrived the trend started to spread like wildfire and our project was incredibly successful. Seeing kids recognize the importance of the cause and go around school campaigning for support was a beautiful thing to watch. For any student or club considering the project, my advice is undoubtedly to DO IT!

Aiden C.
Brighton High School

It was a total success. During class, a girl was showing off her Yuda Band and a boy asked why she would ever buy a band for $7? She told him that each band contributes to giving a child in another country an education for a year. Funny enough, the boy was seen wearing a Yuda Band a day later.

Laszlo S.

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about this project. We started selling the bands today, thinking we’d just bring some down to show people what they are and to sell them if anyone had money, but it didn’t really go like that. Our table was PACKED with people from all angles! I’d say we sold at least 1/3 of the bands and that floors me because it was only our first day of selling them!

Broken Arrow High School

I saw a beautiful spirit unfold in my community. We ended up selling more bands than we have students in our school!

Olivia H

The Yuda Band Project helped expose the students at my high school to issues and global concerns of which they had been unaware.

Morgan C.

Just knowing that my team and I were able to raise enough money to send three Guatemalan children to school for a year was incredibly rewarding.

Jade C.

My experience with the Yuda Bands Project really opened my eyes to what service is truly about.

Leanne E.

The fundraiser brought our school together and more importantly, our community.

Casey B.

I would have to say the most rewarding part of the experience was actually meeting Charlotte by Skype.  She was AMAZING and we were very emotional, especially when one of our students sang a special song to Charlotte and she danced. I would have to say it’s going down as one of my favorite memories in my 22 years of teaching. My students and I won’t forget it. We LOVE YUDA BANDS!

Julie S.
Cooper Junior High School

I had always been so moved by this organization. I am proud to be a student at a school that allows us to have service opportunities that provide a connection from America to Zimbabwe, where hopefully our efforts will change their life forever.

Caroline N.
Summer Creek High School

Participating in the Yuda Bands Project was such a fulfilling experience! Students at my school have helped send other students our age, from across the world, to get their education and to  make their lives better, to live out their dreams. That is a truly incredible thing, and why I would recommend hosting a Yuda Bands project to anyone.

Aiden S.
Maine School of Science and Mathematics

Thank you so much! My team and I are super excited that we helped your organization. We all loved working and being part of this fight with poverty. We are so happy that Maynor and Shepherd got our help. This is what we love to do, to always make people smile by giving them a dream, love and hope! Thank you for making a change in the world!

Jarline D.
Suffolk County Community College

Being apart of the Yuda Bands Project was an amazing experience. While selling the bracelets, seeing everyone’s  willingness to aid Fredy was eye opening. It just goes to show that students can make a change.

Lorance W.
Broken Arrow High School

I also want to thank our Rep, Phillip Whiting.  He was absolutely a dream to work with on this project. Every question was answered with prompt response and he was so positive and upbeat the whole time. We appreciate you, Phillip!  Thank you, Yuda Bands for helping us have such great satisfaction in helping someone and providing such a great product.

Julie S.
Cooper Junior High School

It’s amazing how big of a difference $7 can make in someone’s life. Knowing that by selling Yuda Bands can help a student in Guatamala continue their education that they may not have had the chance to do otherwise is truly inspiring. I hope to do another project in the future.

Haley G.

This was a fantastic service project that our students loved participating in!  Many students loved the Yuda bands and lots of our local churches and organizations chipped in as well.  I would highly recommend this project to any service group as a fun and easy way to give back!

Mrs. Christy S.

It changes the way you see the world, it changes your perspective and makes you want to help be a part of a big project., be a part of something big.

Julie M.
North Salem High School

In the end, myself and my fellow club members found this project to be extremely fun, engaging, and most surprisingly, a great lesson in understanding the value of organization, leadership, delegation, and communication.

Tea L.
Stonewall Jackson High School

People are so excited about the bracelets and they are truly amazing!! Students and teachers are in love with them. It’s so cool how everyone finds a bracelet that speaks to them because of all of the unique designs.

Broken Arrow High School

The Yuda bands project changed my life. Getting to speak with our sponsored student and connect directly with the person that we were helping was an amazing opportunity. I loved every minute of the experience and I’m so glad I had the chance to start and be a part of it!

Cali H.
Lower Dauphin High School

I would also like to thank Mr. Philip Whiting for his support and confidence as our Project Manager in me and the school’s abilities to have a successful project! The club and I could not have done it without both of their communication, passion, and support! I look forward to working with them on another Yuda Bands Project in the future.

Alexandra J.
Lancaster High School

I have never felt so close to a country that is so distant. Selling Yuda Bands really made you feel like a difference was being made even though you are miles apart from these people that need help.

Sedrick C.
Camelback High School

Thank you so much for the opportunity to help out an aspiring student in Guatemala. My council and I are so humbled by the service we have been able to provide through YUDA Bands and we truly feel like we made a difference. Yuda Bands was a life changing experience for my Student Council and me.

Shawn M.
Raymond S. Kellis High School

What a wonderful experience for our elementary students to learn about what it means to make a difference in someone else’s life! Our students learned there is a bigger world out there than our small town and how privileged we are to receive a free education!

Becky G.
Pecatonica Elementary

Most people at school usually think that these fundraisers are really lame, just ways to get money. But this one was different and many people seemed legitimately engaged with the cause of Yuda Bands.

Jacob K.
Centennial High School

I am glad that I participated in this project. It is devastating that children would not receive a proper education because of their finances. The biggest lesson I learned was that every little bit counts. Whether it was a one dollar donation or the full $7 for the Yuda Bands, every little bit helped raise over $2,000 for these kids.

Iliana G.
Curtis High School

The Yuda Bands project is a phenomenal program. It provided experiences to my student government and I that we will hold dear to our hearts for years to come. I have done multiple different kinds of charitable fundraising activities, drives, and service project, and the Yuda Bands project was the most user-friendly. I highly recommend the Yuda Band Project to any student led organization because it is a simple and highly rewarding process.

Maria V.
Woodland Regional High School

I loved working with Yuda Bands and starting this project! I really value my education and hearing that children around the world are not able to go to school everyday, breaks my heart. When I heard about the Yuda Band project, I immediately wanted to help. The bracelets are cute, and meaningful, plus they go to an amazing cause! I would do this project again in a heartbeat, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to help make a difference in someone else’s life.

Zoey B.
Lee’s Summit North High School

The Yuda Bands project was an experience I’ll never forget. Because of us, Maria Odilia Osorio can now go to school for a year. Also, we made others in our school aware that life is not so easy in other countries as it is for us. And now, when I see people walking past the hall with their bracelets, it is a reminder that we changed the world, one band at a time.

Alison T.
Madison Senior High School

Yuda Bands was a truly incredible experience for our club. It not only brought us closer as a group, but strengthened our resolve to help our community. Yuda bands is a great organization fighting for a great cause. If you are considering starting the project, you will not regret it!

Zachary M.
Madison Central High School

This project was amazing, and even more than helping Migdalia, our Guatemalan student whom we sponsored, the project also showed us what our club and our student body was really capable of. This has opened the doors to so many more possible volunteer projects.

Donavan B.

Yuda Bands have really opened my eyes to the world. To have helped with this organization has made us all feel like better human beings. The Yuda Band organization deserves all the help they can get.

Elayna E.

This is an amazing project and the first project that helps aid the education of hispanic children.  As a hispanic I praise this project a lot and my family was proud and happy to see that help the poverty barrier between education  was being broken down one bracelet at a time. THANK YOU

Julie M.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to help out and lead. Us key clubbers from Division 35 West Key Club and board members of El Monte High sincerely thank you for this opportunity to reach out and help us realize we are so blessed.