Are you active in your club? Do you consider yourself a strong leader? Can you inspire people to take action? If you can, then you should probably run for student council. Aside from helping your school, there are dozens of benefits you can get. We listed 7 benefits below…

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Run for Student Council:

Gain Public-Speaking Skills

Being a member of the student council means you’ll have to speak to the public. This can be scary for a lot of people. For others, it might feel natural and easy. Either way, running for the student council means you’ll get the chance to prepare and train for public speaking. You’ll get coaching and proper practice. In turn, this also gives you a chance to practice your social skills and communication skills at the same time.

Undergo Leadership Training

Getting on the student council means undertaking the responsibilities of a leader. Regardless of what position you get, other students will look up at you as a leader. You’ll have new responsibilities and you’ll stand accountable for others. When they fail, it will count as your failure. When they succeed, it will be your success too.

You’ll go through seminars and workshops to make sure you can handle these responsibilities and duties. By sitting on the student council you’ll also get training from previous council members and they’ll teach you from their own experiences. These training sessions and workshops are all important. You’ll gain new skills that others won’t. Leadership skills will make you stand out from the rest.

It’s a Chance to Make a Change

Running for the student council also gives you a chance to make a chance. Now you have a platform to promote something other people might not normally listen to. Now you can advertise a charity movement or donation drive that they otherwise wouldn’t care about. As a leader on the council, you’ll also have the power to launch community service projects. These projects could save the lives of so many others.

Improve Your Resume

Whether you’re applying for a job or applying for college, having a position on the student council will look good on your resume. It lets recruiters automatically see that you’re responsible and that you can handle working under pressure. It lets them know you take the initiative and that you’re motivated to work either on your own or with a group.

Make Your Social Circle Bigger

Another good advantage is that you’ll get a chance to meet new friends and other people. These friends are likely going to be in the same social circle. This means you can expect them to be hard-workers and people striving for the best instead of settling for mediocre results. They won’t be the types who get stuck with illegal drugs or gangs.

Maintain Good Grades

You should remember that one of the requirements to stay on the student council is to maintain good grades. If you aim to run for the council this year, this should motivate you to keep your grades up. As mentioned, there are many benefits of being on the council. You won’t want to lose those benefits by letting your grades slide.

Access to More Options

Did you know that student council members often get privileges other students don’t? You might get the chance to speak personally with industry movers or organization leaders. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say, and you should use these options wisely. Use these privileges to change the world, launch a service project, or aid other students in need.