Acisclo Xil‘s mother prepares his meals over a fire in a small, rural shack in Xesuj, Guatemala. His life is simple, but thankfully, a little more busy than it was three years ago, when, for financial reasons, Acisclo wasn’t attending school. 

Beginning in January of 2013, Acisclo began studying again, sponsored by students his own age in the United States through the Yuda Bands program.

Although a little behind because of lost years stolen by poverty, (he’s 18 years old and in 9th grade) Acisclo is excelling, clearly academically gifted.

Acisclo (far right) poses for a picture in San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala, along side another Guatemalan student and three Norwegian exchange students.

Earlier this week, Acisclo left on a 2-week Adventure to Norway with an organization called Friendship North South, which links communities and cultures together through an international student exchange program. Friendship North South engages people from different geographical, political, social, economic and cultural backgrounds in a dialog that seeks to improve lives and communities by sharing experiences and ideas.

Yuda Bands is proud to have given Acisclo another chance at school and congratulates him for his academic achievement in being awarded this opportunity.