2018 is a year for the youth to stand out and make a change. More kids will enter middle and high school. Others will head to college. Doing community service projects in 2018 will look good on their records. It will train them valuable leadership skills along the way.

Many school clubs teach leadership through service. These projects teach students the value of taking responsibilities. They also let students communicate and empathize with other people in the community. If you’re looking for service projects you want to, consider the following…

School Service Projects in 2018 that You Should Do:

Crafting Hygiene Kits

Many homeless people get sick because they lack proper hygiene. You can craft hygiene kits and distribute it to shelters to help solve this problem. Hygiene kits don’t have to be expensive. You can fill these kits with soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. A kit as simple as a pack of soap and face towels can help prevent street children from getting sick.

You can even take this project one step beyond by bringing in medical experts. By bringing doctors and nurses the students can organize a free vaccination and medical check-up event. This can be helpful particularly for people living in poor neighborhoods.

Operation Gratitude

Service men and women in the military sacrifice a lot to protect the country. Many leave their families for months when they get stationed overseas. Operation Gratitude focuses on aiding military men and women and it goes beyond donating cash. You can write letters, donate a vehicle or send handmade craft items. Operation Gratitude even accepts scout cookies, Halloween candy and fundraising efforts via recycling activities.

The Yuda Bands Project

These are bracelets made from recycled leather and coconut shells. This project not only gives the bracelet makers an occupation but it also funds education. The profits from sold bracelets go to children in Guatemala and Zimbabwe.

One of the main reasons why this is ideal service project in 2018 for students is the fact that it’s quick and free. Students get two weeks to sell as many bracelets as they can and the unsold items get shipped back free of charge. Even the marketing materials are for free.

Fund-Raising Recycling Drive

Recycling and reusing trash can impact the environment in big ways. Students can go one step beyond by using recycling drives to raise funds. You can achieve this in multiple ways. Students can sell tickets so people can visit a recycling exhibit. They can gather recyclable trash from the community and sell it at different junk shops. The money can then be fund renewable energy research or neighborhood cleaning events.

Habitat for Humanity

Many people are homeless even in the United States. There are over 500,000 homeless people in the United States as of 2016. Habitat for Humanity is a charity event that focuses on building homes for these people. Middle and high school students alike can volunteer to help.

Students can raise money to finance the new homes. They can volunteer to work as assistant construction workers. Students can also help by gathering supply donations. The construction workers need a lot of raw materials such as nails, hammers, and wood.