Middle school students are at an age where they need to begin taking responsibilities. They’re in the transition period to becoming adults. Taking part in community service projects can help in this regard.

If you’re in middle school and want to serve…

Here are some service hours ideas:

Habitat for Humanity

Building homes for the homeless is one of the best acts middle school students can do. They can get involved in a number of ways. They can be a part of the building team. Through this, they’ll learn the basics of carpentry. They can help fund-raising events to finance these projects. Students can even be a part of the team that meets the families which will live in the newly built homes.

This type of activity will teach students to value what they have. They’ll appreciate the homes they live in and the work that goes into maintaining them. It will also teach students how to empathize with those who cannot afford a home.

Recycling Competitions

Pollution is a constant problem plaguing the environment. Middle school students can make a big change by cleaning up the community. They can use the materials gathered to make amazing gadgets or displays. Let the school or organization host a recycling competition to motivate the students further.

These types of competitions will encourage students to recycle and reuse. Tickets sold for the competition can fund charity foundations and more.

Selling Fruit Juices For Charity

Raising funds for charity can be a difficult task. It’s a good thing then students can start with something cheap and simple. Making fruit juices is one of the simplest tasks any student can do. Fruit juice stands used to be popular all across the country. The money can fund charities for the homeless, for children who can’t go to school or for hospitals.

This type of activity will shine even further if it involves school clubs. Clubs like the FFA, Key Club or Leo Club can use this as a platform for their members. Not only will the members fund charities, but they’ll also learn leadership skills through service in the process.

Yuda Bands Project

Here’s a project any student can do because it’s free. Yuda Bands are bracelets made from recycled leather and coconut shells. The organization will send several bracelets to students to sell. The money will fund education for a child in Zimbabwe or Guatemala. Everything, including the marketing materials and shipping costs, are free of charge.

This is one of the easiest service projects for middle school students. It’s free and it only lasts for two weeks. The students aren’t obligated to sell all the bracelets either. The students can send anything left back for free. The best thing is that the students get to meet and talk with the person they’re sponsoring.

Animal Protection Programs

When people think of service projects they often think of fundraising events or cleaning services. Animals need help too. The students can take part in animal protection programs. Many organizations and companies host such activities. You can turn to organizations like PETA or even the local veterinarian clinic.

Such activities can include going from house to house to provide free rabies vaccination. Students can also help authorities rescue homeless pets.