Learning by doing is the best way to retain information. You actually learn a lot of less if you just listen and sit. The more you do, the more you learn. That’s why service learning is important in education. It permanently instills generosity, leadership, and kindness in the youth’s lives.

For decades, it’s been proven the more you practice, the more you get good at a certain skill. The same goes with developing attributes. If you want to be more helpful, do one helpful act a day. If we want the future generation to improve the world, they should start now…at school…while they’re still young.


Here are 6 more reasons why service learning is important to education:

You’re Helping Those in Need

First and foremost, service learning is important because you’re helping people in need. Helping others is always a good thing and you should encourage this more in your school.

Even acts as simple as volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating books can go a long way for the needy. Such simple acts can ensure a poor kid’s education or career. One good act can break the cycle and empower someone with the tools and opportunity to pay it forward.

Boosts the Self-Esteem of Students

Service learning is important because it improves the self-esteem and confidence of students. People who may be shy about talking in public or to strangers will learn to face those problems.

Many successful students started by joining debate teams and honor student clubs. They gained the confidence through community service learning.

You might have students who don’t know how to handle failure or how to present data to a crowd. Service learning and projects can train them to get rid of those fears. A little boost in self-esteem can go a long way. Those shy students may become confident leaders in the future.

Students Learn to Appreciate Their Education

There are some service projects that focus on helping children who cannot get a good education. These projects allow your students to see how good their lives are.

They’ll see how lucky they are to have the opportunity to go to a good school. Their quality education will guarantee them a good career in the future.

Not everyone has those privileges. Many students in South and Central America cannot afford to go to a good private school. Children in Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Uganda don’t even have schools to enroll in.

Service learning is important because it gives your students the chance to appreciate what they have. They’ll see how others suffer and it’ll make them value their education.

Improves Leadership Skills

Many school clubs train leadership skills through service. Service projects ask a lot out of the students. They need to learn how to manage their teammates, cooperate with strangers, organize their time, and optimize their finances.

Having all these responsibilities enables a student to become the best that they can be.

Leaders are a step above the rest because they can handle hard situations. They can handle hard responsibilities and consequences. They’re the ones that are smarter, faster, and stronger-willed than the others. Service learning cultivates those qualities in students and this makes it a valuable asset.

Prepare Students for Their Career

Service learning is important since it prepares students for their future career. Companies will take note when they see a resume that includes community service work. Recruiting agents will prioritize these students over others because they know they have more training.

These students know how to handle difficult responsibilities. These students maintained good grades to keep their membership in school clubs.

Students with good grades, leadership skills, confidence, and empathy for others find success in life. They get started by undergoing service learning in school. They start by tackling different community service projects that not only help themselves but others too.